No Pain, No Gain (?):

Yesterday was a little bit rough coming off of Spring Break – none of us felt very motivated, but thankfully today was much better. We are learning about the Ancient Mayans for history and the kids have been fascinated by some of their strange customs including body modifications like molding infants’ heads to a pointy shape, filing their teeth to look like fangs, piercings, and tattooing (OUCH!!!).

I don’t think it was much fun trying to look “beautiful” in the ancient Mayan culture 🙂 .

Mesoamerican tooth filing and skull stretching



Ryan is working his way through his Astronomy notebook, which includes excellent cursive practice!



We are also working on MORE grammar review (will it ever end??? – LOL).



The boys are still using to complete their spelling assignments.  I take their words from Spelling Power each week, give them four assignments to practice the words, and then a weekly test.



Our first Latin root word for the week is facio/factum which means do or make.


Brendan is excited to have started his first high school level  programming class, Java Programming by Homeschool Programming, Inc.


REMINDER: Don’t forget that I will be giving away a 2014 HEAV Convention Registration ($69 value) next Friday, May 2nd. For each comment that you leave on posts between April 14th and May 2nd, your name is entered into the drawing!!!

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite convention tips and tricks 🙂 !!!!!


2 thoughts on “No Pain, No Gain (?):

  1. Thanks for sharing! We will be using Human Anatomy and Physiology with our littles next year and will be utilizing the journal as well. It is nice to see his work!

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