Come and REST!!!

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all the coaches, teachers, day care workers, group leaders, mentors, and parents out there!  Every one of you has a huge impact on those who look up to you and whether or not you feel appreciated…YOU ARE!  You are making a difference in somebody’s life! (P.S. – Brendan and Ryan have taken great care of me this week – thank you guys sooo much 🙂 !)

I also know that even though most of us are getting close to the end of the official school year and are feeling a sense of relief, that there are always those nagging doubts in the back of our head…

Did I cover enough of the curriculum?  Should we have taken more field trips?  Would another book or product have worked better?  Could we have made more projects?  Did we do enough writing? Will the kids test well?  Will the boys be ready for high school?  For college??  For life???

DID I DO ENOUGH?????????

These are the moments when I have to STOP!!!  This homeschooling gig isn’t about me or my plans.  It’s about God’s plan!  He led our family down this path an HE IS ENOUGH!!!

I have GOT TO share this AWESOME song by City Harbor that has been on my heart this week.  It has been such a blessing to me and I hope it will be for you too!

PLEASE click here to listen – the lyrics are below:


I tried so hard to keep in when I’m falling apart / Put up walls to preserve my fragile heart / But I’m tired ’cause I know that I’m not strong enough, strong enough / I make my plans / I try to prosper by the work of my own hands / But I stumble ’cause the truth is that I can’t / And I grow weary ’cause it seems the race is never done, never done //  I will rest, I will rest / In the promises that you have given me / I will rest, I will rest  / All you goodness and Your mercy follow me / They follow me // I will not fear / I won’t forget that You are always near / Even when the road I walk’s unclear / In the waiting I’ll be still and know that you are God, You are God // You’re my shelter,  my refuge, fortress for my soul / I will trust You / You’re my shepherd, my rescue, forever my stronghold / I will trust You!!!!


Isn’t it beautiful?  We can REST!

We can rest in Him, knowing that he’s our shelter, our refuge, a fortress for our souls, our shepherd, our rescue, and forever our stronghold.

When those doubts and fears start to surface, and they will…just rest in Jesus!




4 thoughts on “Come and REST!!!

  1. Thanks for sharing these words and the song! The song represents lessons I’ve had to learn the hard way. Love the reminder to rest!

  2. You’re very welcome Amy – we could all use a “reminder” sometimes 🙂 !

  3. I’m sure you’ve probably mentioned this previously, but are you all using “My Father’s World” for history? I really like seeing those neat activity sheets and activity ideas you all use. I didn’t know if this was a part of the curriculum or if you create these yourself. Great work!

    • Yes, we use My Father’s World – this year we are studying Rome to Reformation. Many of the student sheets are included in the curriculum, but sometimes I make additional notebooking pages or get ideas from other MFW users. We LOVE My Father’s World and will be continuing to use it next year 🙂 !

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