Bucket List:

It’s so hard to believe that we only have 12 (actually 11 at the time of this post) days of school left and then I will officially have a middle schooler and a high schooler!!!

How is that possible???

We have finished learning new Latin root words and are now reviewing the 60 that we covered this year…that’s a lot of Latin 🙂 !  We are studying the Protestant Reformation, still adding more to our scripture memory work, and working on several review products.  Ryan completed Math 5 today and aced his last quiz – GREAT JOB Ryan!!!  He is thrilled (ha, ha) to be starting Math 6 tomorrow, but we need to keep the momentum going so both kids will be doing math a few days a week throughout the summer.  I know, I know…mean mom – LOL!!

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday! Brendan and Ryan both made me sweet cards and even made a short video, which made me cry by the way 🙂 .  The funny picture of “me” on a horse (above) was the last part of Teacher Appreciation Week…riding a horse is on my bucket list and I’m excited that I’ll be able to check that off soon!  The kids thought it was hilarious to make me go on a scavenger hunt to find my gift (payback for all of the crazy hunts I’ve made them go on over the years)!


2 thoughts on “Bucket List:

  1. we do math year round as well. they end up being thankful that they get to skip a good bit of the review!

  2. HA! Love the picture of you on the horse! 🙂 So, when will you be riding a horse? I want to be praying for you! HA! Just kidding! It should be a lot of fun. The few times I rode a horse, it seem you were way up high….a long way down to fall. HA!

    So proud of Ryan finishing up his Math 5 and moving on to Math 6. It is hard to believe another year is almost over! You are a great teacher, Amy, and the boys are learning soooo much and doing so well!

    Y’all keep up the good work!

    Love you all,

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