TWO Weeks!!!

Who’s ready for the 2014 HEAV Homeschool Convention???

My convention binder is almost ready, shopping lists are completed, registrations/reservations are done, used curriculum items are priced and boxed, and my new rolling cart is ready to go (yes, I ordered a new cart for the convention – there’s nothing crazy about that 🙂 )!

I can’t wait!!!


Here are a few pictures from last year’s AWESOME convention:

If you homeschool or have ever wanted to learn more about the possibility, the HEAV convention is THE place to be!

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to preregister!!!


Time Is Running Out!   By preregistering, you will:

  • save $10 off the at-the-door price
  • access the best bargains with early admission to the Used Curriculum Sale
  • and save time at the door!

*******Click here to register now!*******

Preregistration closes tomorrow (May 23) at midnight.  



2 thoughts on “TWO Weeks!!!

  1. I’d love to hear about what cart you ordered. We are in the market. Do you have a link you’d be willing to share?

  2. Hi Amber! It’s called the “Heavy Duty Shopping Cart FOLDING Grocery Laundry Swivel Wheels” and we ordered it from Ebay (around $30) – it’s bigger than I planned, but I think it’ll work great – I’m sure I won’t have a problem filling it- LOL 😉 !!!

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