Review: What On Earth Can I Do?

I was thrilled to recently have the opportunity to review What On Earth Can I Do?  from Apologia Educational Ministries.  We have used and LOVED several Apologia Science programs, but this was the first time we had ever used one of their worldview training books.  We were blessed to receive a beautiful hardback copy of What On Earth Can I Do? which retails for $39.00 and is recommended for children in grades 1-6.

We also received a free copy of the  Notebooking Journal ($24.00) (this is the notebook that we used), Junior Notebooking Journal ($24.00), and  Coloring Book ($8.00)!  The two notebooking journals are spiral bound with nice, thick pages and beautiful color pictures.  There are mini-book activities in the back of both of the journals.  The coloring book is a paperback.


What On Earth Can I Do? is broken down into 8 lessons (each “lesson” is HUGE and actually several weeks worth of information):

  • Lesson 1 – Your Story Or God’s Story?
  • Lesson 2 – Who Put You In Charge?
  • Lesson 3 – Will You Be Found Faithful?
  • Lesson 4 – Where Is Your Treasure?
  • Lesson 5 – Where Does Your Time Go?
  • Lesson 6 – Whose Life Is It Anyway?
  • Lesson 7 – Why Isn’t It Easy Being Green?
  • Lesson 8 – What Will Happen When The Master Returns?


Each lesson contains many pages of information and several key components:

  • The Big Idea – an introduction and overview of the main topic
  • What Will You Do – contains learning objectives
  • Short Story – wonderful fictional stories that portray differing worldviews and Biblical concepts
  • Think About It – thought-provoking questions that help children apply what they’ve learned
  • Words You Need To Know – vocabulary words that pertain to the lesson and will help students to better share their faith with others
  • Hide It In Your Heart – each lesson provides two Bible verses: one pertaining to the main point of the lesson and the other related to an important character trait
  • Integrated Learning – interesting articles including art, math, science, history, etc. and other subjects revolving around the main point
  • What Should I Do? – gives the student tools to help apply the lesson to their own life
  • Prayer – written prayers that help children learn to express thankfulness to God
  • Parables Of Jesus – adapted, engaging stories based on the parables of Jesus that help the student see, hear, feel, etc, what the characters may be experiencing
  • Going Deeper – discussion questions that help the student think about the parable taught


A sample lesson plan schedule is provided in the beginning of the book which suggests working two days per week, completing a lesson every three weeks.  We worked on the lessons about three days a week for the purpose of our review.

Sometimes Ryan and I would read the sections together and discuss what we learned.  Other times, I would assign a portion for him to read and a notebook page to fill out independently.  It’s nice to have the option to do both!


I loved how the student is often asked to look up specific Bible verses in different translations and copy their favorite one!  It helps to hear God’s Word in a variety of ways sometimes.  We didn’t memorize any of these verses since our main curriculum already involves a lot of scripture memory, but I think it’s great that memory work is included.




Other notebooking activities include putting together “mini books”, cursive practice, games and more!


One of our favorite lessons involved making blueberry muffins to demonstrate how God created the universe out of nothing!  You guys know how much I appreciate hands-on activities, especially when the activities involve food 🙂 !!!



I was curious to see what Brendan (8th grade) thought of the curriculum also, so I had him complete some reading and a few assignments that I thought would be helpful to him.

IMG_2443 IMG_2444


Brendan enjoyed how the parables were told from a different perspective with added details that “made it more interesting.”


I am so thankful for a company that knows the importance of teaching our children a Christian worldview!  What On Earth Can I Do? is actually the fourth book in the What We Believe series:

  1. Who Is God (And Can I Really Know Him?)
  2. Who Am I (And What Am I Doing Here?)
  3. Who Is My Neighbor (And Why Does He Need Me?)
  4. What On Earth Can I Do?


I am Type A, so I would have loved to read the books in order even though it is not required that you do so 🙂 .  The suggested age for this series is ages 6-14, but I think most 6 year olds would have a difficult time comprehending much of the material.  I feel like it is better suited for late elementary to middle school aged students because of the length of the short stories and parables.  Maybe it’s because I have boys and their attention spans tend to be somewhat short.


What I loved the most about What On Earth Can I Do? :

  • how a Biblical worldview is weaved throughout the book
  • the interesting color pictures of historical documents, photographs, and objects
  • reading the captivating, short biographies about missionaries, sports figures, politicians, musicians, etc.
  • learning new vocabulary words and Bible verses
  • the Notebooking Journal
  • the hand-on activities that are sprinkled throughout the text
  • how the lessons can be broken down into smaller segments

I am headed to our local homeschool convention next week and will most likely be purchasing Who Is God (And Can I Really Know Him?) and the notebooking journal to add to Ryan’s 6th grade curriculum (so we can start at the beginning 🙂 )!

*** Thank you Apologia for publishing such a fantastic product! ***


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2 thoughts on “Review: What On Earth Can I Do?

  1. Great literature and training books! And, I am especially impressed with the model who made the blueberry muffins! Great job, Ryan! 🙂

    I like Brendan’s list for using time wisely! I can certainly benefit by using this list! Thanks Brendan! 🙂

    Only 3 more days! Wahooooo! Enjoy your last 3 days and give it your best!

    Love you all,


  2. Awesome! Thank you for sharing these neat resources.

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