Friendly “Plea For Help” :

Only EIGHT days until the 31st HEAV Homeschool Convention!!!


I wanted to share this friendly “plea for help” from a fellow HEAV blogger 🙂  :

Have you signed up to volunteer at the HEAV convention yet?

Come on, you know you want to – Not only do you get the thrill of knowing that you are helping a great group like HEAV, but you also get a golden ticket to get into the UCS before it opens to everyone else!

And there are even more benefits:

* Volunteering for the UCS allows you to see lots of the cool stuff before it even goes on sale!
* Volunteering at Registration means that you will be one of the first faces people see when they come to the Convention. You get to make new friends and see adorable babies!
* Volunteering as a Workshop Host means that you have a guaranteed spot in the workshop, plus you get to meet the speaker before hand to ask if they need anything.
* Volunteering at the Silent Auction means that you can keep your eye on those items that you really want.
* Volunteering at the HEAV tables with Sales or Counseling means that you can be an encouragement to new and veteran homeschoolers alike.
* Volunteering for set-up or tear down means that you get to be in the thick of the action AND that you don’t have to exercise at all for the rest of the week!
* Volunteering at graduation means that you get to help with parents and kids who “made it” – think of all of the collective knowledge in that room.
* Volunteering for the Hospitality Suite means that you get to see the vendors and speakers in a more relaxed setting and that you get to give back to them.
* Volunteering in the Exhibit Hall means that you get to booth sit – which means that you get to hang out at any one of so many cool booths while the vendor takes a quick break.

How about you? Where do you want to volunteer 🙂 ?


 Tomorrow is our last day – WOO, HOO !!!!!

One thought on “Friendly “Plea For Help” :

  1. ONE MORE DAY! Woohoooooo!

    Y’all having a end of the year party? HA! Ought to have some kind of celebration for all the good work you did (Teacher and students)!

    Love you,

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