Let’s Get Organized – Week 1

So since we aren’t doing much schoolwork this summer, I have decided to write one post a week for the next month or so to share how I organize our curriculum for the upcoming year.

I LOVE to have things prepared and in order (as much as possible) before the school year starts!  I know that it’s seems like it takes a LOT of time to do all of the prep work during summer break, but if you just do a little bit each day it’s really not so bad (plus you’ll feel SOOO much less stressed about starting in the fall because you’ll be as ready as you can be 🙂 ).

Next year will be very different for us since Brendan will be working mostly on his own and taking two classes away from home.  I’m still figuring out how to organize his stuff, so today I’ll just share my prep work for Ryan:


Ryan will be completing Exploration to 1850 by My Father’s World (we just finished the 3rd year of the 5 year cycle).  He will also be working with Teaching Textbooks Math 6 and Essentials in Writing for language arts.

These are the read alouds that we’ll use next year.

How I set everything up:


My teacher’s manual comes spiral bound, but I take everything out, hole-punch it, and put it into a three-ring binder.



These are the tabs that I use to organize my binder.


I use calendarlabs.com to customize our yearly and monthly schedule…



I add colored tabs to make finding the weekly lessons plans easier.


I keep brochures, flyers, etc. in the field trip section.


I go through and make a list of all the extra materials that will be needed throughout the year.


I have a weekly folder (with 5 numbered folders per week – up to 170 days) with any notebooking pages, assignments, etc. already filed and ready to go!


An “inside look” at how I do the daily folders.


Some extra books, reading, and worksheets that I need to go through and add to Ryan’s folders.

I also use History Pockets for extra reinforcement, so I’ll make copies of the activities that I want to complete and will gather all of the supplies needed, put them in a Ziploc bag, and file them on the corresponding day.  Other activities that I’ll add are cursive practice, vocabulary, Bible memory work, fun hands-on activities, and anything else that I think will enhance our studies.

Please know that I’m not sharing this organization post to make those of you who are “challenged” in this are feel bad :).  Most of these tips weren’t even my idea!  I have gotten lots of inspiration from Pinterest, other blogs, and Yahoo groups and I know how thankful I am when I see an idea that may help my family.   I hope that some of these tips may help you in some way too!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Organized – Week 1

  1. Love this! What a gift. Now….just to find the time to actually make this happen. Ha!

  2. Ha, ha Amber 🙂 …don’t forget, I only have two kids!

  3. Wow! Great job and thank you for sharing. I too am trying to do a little each day to not feel so overwhelmed come August. Can’t wait to see your plans for Brendan. I will have a 9th grader starting AHL with MFW in the fall and a 5th grader using RTR. Enjoy your summer!

  4. You’re on the ball! I’m purposely going to stay a couple weeks behind you since we are doing the same curriculum so I can incorporate your ideas 🙂 I have a 9th grader doing AHL also.

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