Who Do You Put Your Trust In?

We survived our first week of sixth grade (and Brendan’s second week of ninth grade) – YAH 🙂 !!!  The boys really have stepped up to the plate and worked hard without complaining.  I am amazed at how much they have matured over the years.  Ryan and I completed the first chapter in Boy Have I Got Problems, learning how to cross-reference and find key words.  We will start our memory work on Monday.

We also learned about several more explorers:





I will also be adding language arts and extra reading on Monday.  Get ready to up your game Ryan 🙂 !


We did a cool activity yesterday!  The goal was to try to balance a yard stick while looking down at your hand…not very successful.  Then we tried to balance the yard stick while looking at the top of it…much better and much more successful!

IMG_3227IMG_3226IMG_3229IMG_3228The purpose was to demonstrate how we fail when we put our trust in ourselves and how when we “look up” and put our trust in God, our plans will succeed!  I love it!!!


We’ve also been going to the pool every afternoon  – that counts as P.E. right 🙂 ???


In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Two…

Columbus Sailed The Ocean BLUE 🙂 :



Our second day of school went great!  Ryan had fun building and sailing his very own models of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.  We read about and watched a video (Drive Thru History) about the history and adventures of Christopher Columbus.  Ryan got 100% on math today – YAH!!!  We also learned how to label key words when doing a Bible study, did some copywork for history, listened to and read the words of My Father’s World (and discussed how God shows Himself to us through nature), and a few other activities.  Ryan will start his language arts and spelling program next week.  Here are some pictures of his day:




I don’t want to leave Brendan out, but since he won’t be participating in as many hands-on activities I won’t be sharing as many pictures of his work this year.  But, I do have to say that he is doing WONDERFUL with his high school work so far!  I am very proud of how he is taking initiative, following instructions, and working independently!  Below is a picture of his Week 2 checklist:
IMG_3220Each day he works his way through the daily checklist.  I’m available if he has any questions, but so far he hasn’t needed me very often.  Science and Foreign Language are marked out since he won’t start those classes until September 9th.


Brendan started on his timeline book yesterday:


Here is a sample of his Old Testament Studies:

IMG_3223                                                 ______________________________________________

And a copy of his first writing assignment (an argumentative essay):


Now we are headed to the pool –

we’ve got to squeeze in every last minute of summer fun!!!!

Ryan’s First Day

Our first day of Exploration to 1850 went pretty well (we had some frustration during math, but got everything worked out 🙂 ).  It’s hard to start back after summer break, even for me!  It also feels very strange to only be teaching one student, but I know that we will adjust. 

Ryan and I started our day with his new Bible study book, Boy Have I Got Problems.  He will be doing an in-depth study on the book of James.

IMG_3193          IMG_3194


We then learned about/reviewed the explorations of Leif Ericsson:




We also reviewed the continents and oceans by doing a quick mapping activity:




Followed by a little cursive review:



An introduction to science which will include zoology and botany:



And a math lesson:




We also had our “back to school” meeting tonight after dinner.  We reviewed our mission statement, rules, and expectations and Justin prayed for us and the upcoming year.  Then the boys opened a few goodies:






  You never know

when you might

need a little duct

tape 🙂 !

IMG_3192IMG_3184IMG_3185IMG_3186IMG_3187I am very thankful for the opportunity to homeschool another year and even though it’s not always going to be fun or easy, I know that this is God’s plan for our family and that He will be with us all the way!







Happy 12th Birthday Ryan!

Ryan’s birthday was Tuesday and we surprised him with an overnight trip to VA Beach (Justin had a free night with Marriott 🙂 ).  We also had a small family party tonight with cake and ice-cream. Here are some pics of our week:

 (Don’t be alarmed at Brook’s pictures….she was “enjoying” her first taste of ice cream – LOL!)

Happy Birthday Ryan – we love you!  Next year we will be the parents of TWO teenagers!!!