First Day of HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!


I can’t believe that my “baby” started high school today! 

Where did my little boy go???  He’s definitely NOT little anymore…we were laughing as we took this picture because his head was hitting the wall 🙂 !

We are easing into the year, so for the next week or so Brendan will only be covering Bible, History, and Language Arts.  Next, we will add Algebra into the mix.  Finally, starting September 9th he will also be taking Physical Science, Spanish 1, Tennis, and Guitar.  I’m hoping that starting slow will help with the transition – he will be covering some tough subjects this year and the workload will be heavier.  But, I know that Brendan can do it!


We started off the day with prayer (no better way to start than that 🙂 ) and then read over some basic instructions.  During Bible, we read about how Jesus “grew in wisdom and stature” and how at age 12 he was already amazing the teachers in the synagogue with his knowledge.  We also read about how Jesus knew and used scripture when Satan tempted Him in the desert.  This year, Brendan will be studying and reading through the whole Old Testament, so My Father’s World shares with the student why it is so important to know and study God’s word as the main “spine” of HIStory.  I know that I’ve said it many times before, but I LOVE MFW!!!


Brendan then read a chapter from Notgrass  Exploring World History and answered the required review questions.  He read a chapter in the New Answers Book 1 and started reading Adam and His Kin by Ruth Beechick.




Finally, we read the introduction to his Language Arts book, learned about argumentative essays, did a quick exercise, and chose a topic for his first paper, which will be on the value of computers (can you believe that he chose THAT topic??? – LOL).

What a GREAT first day!


Father,  I am so very thankful for the opportunity to homeschool Brendan during these formative years.  You know how unequipped and scared I feel, yet You gently remind me daily to trust in You

I pray that you give Brendan a heart for You.  That you continue to guide him as he grows into an young adult.  That he grows in wisdom and uses his passions in a way that will bring You glory. 

Please help me to be the mom that Brendan needs – to know when to step back and give him the independence he needs…when and how much to help without hindering his growth…to have the strength to let him make mistakes and learn from them…but most of all, to be a mom who loves and follows God with all of my heart, with all of my soul, and with all of my strength. 

5 thoughts on “First Day of HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!

  1. Yay! So happy to read about the great first day of HIGH school! You guys rock!

  2. Wishing Brendan a great and successful high school year! So proud of him. Man, has he grown. Made me think of my first year! Wow, can you believe I can remember that far back! At least my memory still works!

  3. I’m soooo proud of you, Brendan! A Freshman in High School! I know God has great plans for you! You study hard, ask the Lord to guide you, and trust Him to lead you. He will, I know! God is ALWAYS faithful!

    Amy, I’m so proud of you! You work hard at teaching–always prepared, and it shows. You are a great teacher and a wonderful Mom and wife. You have grown so much in your walk with the Lord. You demonstrate an amazing Christ-like love! Thank you for sharing the love of Jesus with my precious grandsons! I am so blessed to be your mom and Brendan’s and Ryan’s Grammy!

    Love you all!

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