Review: Ubersmart Math Facts

I have to admit…math is NOT my favorite subject.  I have bad memories of feeling behind my classmates, not understanding what the teacher was explaining, and breaking out in a cold sweat when I saw problems on tests that I had NO IDEA how to solve!  Somehow I made it through high school and college and hoped to never have to do an algebra problem ever again.  Then I felt like God was leading me to homeschool…uh, oh!  How on earth was I going to teach math to my children?

Thankfully, there are many wonderful games, activities, and programs available to help teach math.  One of these helpful programs is called UberSmart Math Facts from UberSmart Software.  You can purchase this Windows based software program for a one time fee of $24.95  (Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista only).  UberSmart Math Facts is geared for grades kindergarten through sixth, but is helpful for any student who needs extra practice or reinforcement of math facts.


The following math facts and skills are covered by UberSmart Math Facts:

Dot Cards (for younger children – similar to domino faces)

Keyboard Entry (Ten-Key Numbers)

Flash Cards (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)

Addition/Subtraction up through the 9s

 Multiplication/Division up to the 20s


We have used many different ways to teach basic math facts in our homeschool including flashcards, math BINGO, free computer games, and reward systems:




Since I didn’t enjoy math growing up, I try to make learning fun. It helps to have different options when practicing math facts.  It’s so important to have a solid foundation in basic math since higher math builds on that foundation.  If students don’t have the basics memorized and can’t immediately recall answers, they will work more slowly and may feel easily frustrated as they progress into more difficult equations.

UberSmart Math Facts makes learning feel like a game.  The program teaches the facts before tests are taken, and the students get to choose when they feel like they are ready to be tested (gives the student a feeling of empowerment).  Another benefit is that students work through and master only one number group at a time.  This gives them a great feeling of accomplishment and helps boost their confidence!  I also really like how UberSmart records and tracks the student’s response time on each problem so the parent or teacher can see specifically which problems their student is having difficulty with.  Another fun aspect is that the student gets “applause” at the end of each session! There are printable “Certificates of Excellence” available as an extra motivational reward.  For students who prefer written work, there are printable worksheets available also.

Since Ryan had already mastered his multiplication tables and basic division, UberSmart Math Facts basically provided a good review for him.  However, I think it would be a useful program for students who don’t learn well using traditional flash cards and/or prefer to learn using a computer.  Click on the picture below to see what other Schoolhouse Crew Review members thought about UberSmart Math Facts:

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