We’re All Winners In God’s Eyes!






Do your kids ever suffer from low self-esteem?  Ryan (my youngest) sometimes struggles with putting himself down.  I remind him that God made him just the way he is for a purpose and that He has great plans for his life.  But, Ryan is a typical preteen….searching for what makes him “special”….trying to find his place in this world.  Brendan (his big brother) has a passion for computer programming and has found his niche.  Ryan is still looking for his, but I think we may have found it!  For the first time ever,  that we entered a photography contest and Ryan won three blue ribbons (plus the “Best of Section Youth Arts & Crafts” – I’m not even sure what that means) at the Virginia State Fair!  He is so excited…and I am one proud mama 🙂 !  He also has a passion for music and playing guitar.  It’s amazing how different each of my boys are.  God made them both unique and special in their own way!


I wish I had time to write more, but I’ve got a homeschool meeting tonight…

Here are some more pictures of our trip to the fair and school (Brendan chose to stay home and do schoolwork instead of going to the fair with us…I know, CRAZY right?!?!?)























And, I promise that Brendan is still around 🙂 – I’ll try to get some pictures of him this week.  He just LOVES it when I show up in his room with the camera – LOL 😉 !

Not So Great Hunting Skills:

I have the Monday “blahs” 😦 .   It’s not always the students – LOL!  After such a fun weekend, I just didn’t feel like doing school.  On Friday night we got to babysit my cousin’s sweet 6 month old, I went out with friends from Sunday School on Saturday, and we had a wonderful day on Sunday including church, a nap, and dinner with family.

But school must go on so we trudged through…

Ryan finished memorizing his memory verses for the first few weeks of school.  After all the repetition of reading it aloud every day, copying, dictating, and doing activities like typing the verse, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, and gluing the scrambled words in order, he got it perfectly!

Ryan’s art lesson was on David and Goliath:

IMG_3494IMG_3491     ___________________________________________________

  Continued lessons about the Pilgrims:IMG_3500


IMG_3502IMG_3530IMG_3503      ____________________________________________________

Then we played some Native American games that the young boys would play to help sharpen their hunting skills.  Let’s just say that we would have been very hungry tonight if my boys were hunting for our dinner 😉 !!!

IMG_3518IMG_3519IMG_3523IMG_3510    Brendan even came upstairs for a little friendly competition 🙂 :IMG_3514 IMG_3514IMG_3516IMG_3524IMG_3526IMG_3527IMG_3528


Jamestown Field Trip:

Today’s field trip to Jamestown was sooo much fun!  Ryan and I finally got to see, touch, smell, and hear some of what the settlers experienced (well, the pleasant experiences anyway 🙂 ).

We took a class that taught us about navigation and the trip to America, had a picnic lunch in the van, explored the indoor museum, watched a short movie, took a two hour tour (the ships, the fort, and the Powhatan Indian village), and checked out the cool gift shop.

It was neat to see all of the different license plates in the parking lot and a good reminder of how lucky we are to live so close to so many awesome historical sites in Virginia!  We missed having Brendan with us, but he said that he enjoyed the quiet time and got lots of work done.

You know I had to take lots of pictures, so here they are 🙂 :

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The Search For Religious Freedom:

As we’re learning about the settlers in Jamestown, we’re also studying the plight of the Puritans and the Separatists and how they came to America seeking religious freedom. Our read aloud book, Almost Home is about a girl who travels to America on the Mayflower.


It’s so cool to learn about the trials and faith of these groups while we are reading a story based on the life of Mary Chilton in Almost Home –  I love the literature that My Father’s World chooses for their curriculum and how those books make history “come alive”!


Since we’re learning about the Mayflower, I assigned this activity from History Pockets today.  Ryan colored the ship while I read today’s lessons and then wrote a journal entry as if he was one of the children on the ship:




It’s neat to see the tidbits of information Ryan has picked up through our reading (plus, it helps me to know that he is listening – LOL)!


I’ve use History Pockets for a few years now and really like how the activities help reinforce the things we are learning. I go through the books, photocopy the pages that correspond with what we’ll be learning, and file them with our yearly plans.  If any materials are needed for the activity (such as yarn, paper plates, etc.), I go ahead and file that stuff too.  Then it’s all ready to go!


Ryan did a great job memorizing James 1: 2-5 last week, which is good because we’re adding two more verses this week 🙂 !

IMG_3362IMG_3361        ____________________________________________

IMG_3368Don’t you just love the visual for the word abut 🙂 ???  Hey, if it helps Ryan remember the vocabulary words then I’m all for it!


Ryan finished his biography about Squanto last week and will now be reading Indian Captive: