It’s Classified…

After a busy weekend including a family reunion and a Labor Day trip to the pool, we had a good start to our second week of school.  It’s been so much fun seeing everybody’s “first day of school” pictures on Facebook!  We prayed for all of the public school teachers and students this morning and it seems like our friends and family have had a good first day – YAH 🙂 !!!



We started our first memory verse this morning.  Our curriculum, Exploration to 1850 offers two options for this year’s memory work – memorize the entire book of James or just sections of it…guess which option we chose – LOL!

Since Ryan seems to learn scripture well they way we have done it in the past, I decided to continue those same methods this year.  The first day, we read over the verse a few times and he copies it.  The second day, I dictate it as Ryan writes it down.  We read the verse several times aloud every day.  Then, I will usually provide assignments like cursive practice, fill-in-the-blank worksheets, scrambled activities, etc. to help reinforce the verse during the rest of the week.



This week, our church is hosting a group of men who are currently homeless.  We will be praying for them using this prayer guide:



We spent a lot of time this morning on science, learning about scientific classification.


We learned a fun sentence to help us remember the seven categories:



It really helped when we had to put the categories in the correct order!!!



Ryan also started a new vocabulary program today.  We are using a book called Vocabulary Cartoons.  I made up a notebooking page for him to complete to help him learn the new words.  He will learn two new words per week and have a quiz every five weeks.



A few other activities today included reviewing some Roman history, taking a math test, playing a review game, reading, and a quick art lesson:

IMG_3268 IMG_3269


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