I am so excited to finally be studying Jamestown and the first settlers!  Ryan doesn’t quite share the same amount of enthusiasm, but I think he’s enjoying it more than he lets on 😉 .  We are sooooo blessed to live in Virginia and will be taking lots of field trips this year as we study US history.  Our first trip will be this Thursday to…….wait for it…….Jamestown 🙂 !  It’s so cool to actually see, touch, and experience the places and subjects that we’re studying!

For example, today Ryan had to read about and build a model of a wigwam…

IMG_3317IMG_3320IMG_3322IMG_3321IMG_3323   …and on Thursday we’ll actually get to go inside of life-sized replica!


We have added more verses to our scripture memory in James:



  We’ve also been learning about King James and how he commissioned the King James Bible in 1611.  Ryan had fun reading from the KJV and I think it helped him appreciate the fact that we use the New International Version instead 🙂 !IMG_3309IMG_3314_________________________________________________

We also learned about the Lost Colony and Ryan wrote a short newspaper article about what he thinks may have happened to the settlers (he had fun drawing his “bloody” picture):

IMG_3315IMG_3316               ______________________________________________________________

Here are a few other things we worked on:



Brendan started Spanish and Physical Science today.  He only has 5 students in his Spanish class and about 10 in his Science class and he really likes both of his teachers.  I didn’t want to embarrass him by taking a picture of going into the building, so I was a good mom and waited until he got home – LOL!



I was even able to snap a few quick shots yesterday:

IMG_3306IMG_3311IMG_3312      _________________________________________________________

A little note of encouragement:


One thought on “Jamestown!!!

  1. Going to Jamestown should be lots of fun. And, it’s not suppose to rain! Yay! Hope you and Ryan have a great time.

    Love Ryan’s wigwam! He did a great job!

    Brendan is taking Spanish now! Look out, Brendan! Your Mom will drive you crazy with the “Hola! Como estas?” Everyday! 🙂 Or, better yet, you can drive your mother crazy by saying this every morning! HA!

    Yall have a great day!

    Love you all soooo much!

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