The Search For Religious Freedom:

As we’re learning about the settlers in Jamestown, we’re also studying the plight of the Puritans and the Separatists and how they came to America seeking religious freedom. Our read aloud book, Almost Home is about a girl who travels to America on the Mayflower.


It’s so cool to learn about the trials and faith of these groups while we are reading a story based on the life of Mary Chilton in Almost Home –  I love the literature that My Father’s World chooses for their curriculum and how those books make history “come alive”!


Since we’re learning about the Mayflower, I assigned this activity from History Pockets today.  Ryan colored the ship while I read today’s lessons and then wrote a journal entry as if he was one of the children on the ship:




It’s neat to see the tidbits of information Ryan has picked up through our reading (plus, it helps me to know that he is listening – LOL)!


I’ve use History Pockets for a few years now and really like how the activities help reinforce the things we are learning. I go through the books, photocopy the pages that correspond with what we’ll be learning, and file them with our yearly plans.  If any materials are needed for the activity (such as yarn, paper plates, etc.), I go ahead and file that stuff too.  Then it’s all ready to go!


Ryan did a great job memorizing James 1: 2-5 last week, which is good because we’re adding two more verses this week 🙂 !

IMG_3362IMG_3361        ____________________________________________

IMG_3368Don’t you just love the visual for the word abut 🙂 ???  Hey, if it helps Ryan remember the vocabulary words then I’m all for it!


Ryan finished his biography about Squanto last week and will now be reading Indian Captive:




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