Field Trip Friday!

Ryan and I left yesterday afternoon for a fun overnight trip to Staunton, VA.  Justin used some of his hotels reward points to get us a free night – thanks Dad 🙂 !  We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel, did some shopping and exploring, had a treat at Sweet Frog, and played a game of Words With Friends before we went to bed.  The mountains were beautiful!

This morning we got up early and spent about four hours at the HEAV sponsored homeschool day at the Frontier Culture Museum.  We had never been before and it was so cool!  We got to experience West African, German, Irish, English, and American cultures.  The hands-on activities were great:  cooking apple tartlets, washing with homemade soap, sewing, sawing logs, digging potatoes, writing on slates, and so much more!  There were staff members dressed in authentic costumes at each site who were eager to teach.  The smells of the fires, the freshly tilled dirt, and the “lovely” scent of the livestock animals made us feel as if we had truly stepped back in time.  We got to see what it was like for the early settlers as they adapted to living in the “New World.”

I would definitely recommend the Frontier Culture Museum to those studying early American history!

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One thought on “Field Trip Friday!

  1. Wow! What a cool trip! And, what a fun way to learn about early American history.

    Glad you and Ryan had a fun trip! He looked professional with his camera around his neck! 🙂

    Love you, Mom

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