Sad –

Tired – Anxious –  Overwhelmed – Scared – Just “Blah”…. 

That’s how I felt.  For no real reason.

I had a strong faith in God, two beautiful boys (with the youngest being 2 months old), a supportive and loving husband, a beautiful home, a caring family, and many things to look forward to…except I didn’t – I couldn’t.  I had lost my spark.  My joy was gone.  I didn’t feel like doing anything…except lie in bed, but even as tired as I was I didn’t sleep well.  My husband tried to help by giving me time away from the kids, but I had no desire to do anything.  And I was crying –  a lot.  The breaking point was when my 2 1/2 year old son saw me crying one day and said, “don’t cry mommy…it’ll be ok.”

It was time to get help.  I did NOT want this to affect my kids!

Thankfully, my case was only mild depression brought on by a chemical imbalance caused by hormonal changes.  I was put on a low dose of Zoloft and felt better within a few weeks.  I have been on the meds since then.  I have tried several times to wean off of them, but started feeling the overwhelming sadness again.  My doctor told me that if I felt better on the low dose that I was taking with no negative side effects, that it was ok (even smart) to keep taking it.  And so, I am.

I still have low moments, but they are much more manageable now.  I have learned how to track my mood based on my monthly cycle.  I remind myself that how I’m feeling is normal (for me anyway).  That it will pass and I’ll feel more like myself soon.  And I always have.

I am very blessed that my depression was easily treated with medication.  It’s not that easy for others.  It may take several different methods to help others with depression including various medications, therapy, etc.  And I want you to know that it is OK.  There is no reason to be ashamed if you need help.

We all will need help at some time in our lives.  We all have struggles.

So please, share your story.  Tell others. 

It may help somebody who is struggling with similar issues to know that they are not alone.

5 thoughts on “Sad –

  1. What an excellent post; this is a concern a lot women face.

    A few years back I too experienced this problem. Over a period of several months, my body started to feel constantly tired and I lacked all energy to move forward. Things I used to like I no longer wanted to do; I couldn’t must the energy to do much of anything nor the will to make it happen. This is not me! I finally carted myself off to the doctor’s office and discovered there were practical reasons why I was having issues; my Vitamin D levels were off the charts low. The doctor prescribed a massive intake of vitamins and a change in routine/diet.

    Even now, I can tell when I start to slip back into old habits of not taking care of myself. I can feel the energy slip away and the lack of interest take over. This is something I am having to learn; taking care of myself.

    I would encourage all who are going through this to take this issue seriously. Get into a doctor and find out why this is happening. It might be something simple like a Vitamin deficiency, it might also be something more serious. But, you won’t know until you get answers.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story, Amy. This will help so many! We were talking just last night at the mom’s meeting (missed you BTW) about how important it is to share struggles like this with one another in order to remove the stigmas that are often attached to depression. The idea that it is something to be embarrassed about or ashamed of is a lie that too many believe. Thank you for being willing to reach out and share, encouraging others to do the same or get the help that is available if we are just willing to ask. Love you, girl!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Sweet Daughter! Praying the sharing of your story will help others to get help with depression.

    And, so glad you were wise enough to get help!

    Love you,

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