Keep the Faith:

Last Sunday Ryan had the opportunity to play with the worship band at The Exchange (one of the worship services at Cool Spring Baptist Church). He has been going to practices with Justin for months and was SO EXCITED to get to play in the band! Ryan has a passion for music and has been taking private guitar lessons for three years. Now, I’m not biased at all ūüėČ , but¬†I think¬†he’s really¬†talented!¬† I am so proud of Ryan for¬†putting himself out there and I know that God has great plans for him!

We also have been adding to our scripture memory, learning about William Penn and James Oglethorpe, reading Madeleine Takes Command, reviewing grammar, journaling, learning new vocabulary words, and studying arthropods/insects.
IMG_4249We covered the Pennsylvania and Georgia colonies.










One of Ryan’s assignments was to make peach cobbler – YUM!

IMG_4255We all got to enjoy this assignment!

Hard at work:

IMG_4272¬†Mom had fun designing an insect too ūüôā !


I can’t end this post without sharing a verse that’s been on my heart tonight.

I have several friends that are struggling through hard times right now.  Some are worried about the future.  Some are grieving heartbreaking loss.  Some are losing hope and struggling in their faith.

We often wonder why things happen the way they do.¬† Why doesn’t God step in?¬† Why doesn’t He stop our pain?

I don’t know the answer.¬† I wish I did.

¬† I’ve asked myself¬†these same questions over the years.¬† And while I haven’t been able to answer the questions above,¬† I have learned that even when we don’t understand God’s ways, He is still there.¬† He has good plans for us.¬† He is still in control.¬† He cares.¬† And He¬†loves us…soooo much!

He will give you the strength…Keep believing – keep hoping – keep holding on to Jesus!

If you don’t have the¬†words to pray tonight, listen to this song and let it be your prayer:

Need You Now by Plumb

(and know that I am praying for you dear friends)

One thought on “Keep the Faith:

  1. Mr. Ryan, I am sooooo proud of you for playing in the praise band last Sunday! You did a great job and sounded really good, even if it was a video on Pappy’s phone! I hope to come and hear you play the next time you play in the band! You are a very talented young man and God has great plans for you! I look forward to seeing all that He leads you to do. Keep following Him and trusting Him! God is always faithful!

    Amy, thank you for sharing these special moments through your blog. They have been such a wonderful blessing to me, allowing me to share in the lives of my grandsons and in yours and Justin’s lives too!

    Thank you for your encouraging words to your dear friends who are going through some difficult times. God didn’t say we would not have struggles in this life, but He did say He would be there for us always! He’s growing each of us. Our going through struggles allows us to help others when they go through struggles.

    Keep looking up and hang on to Jesus!

    Love you,

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