A Fresh Start:


Our first school day of 2015 went much better than expected…in fact, it went great!  I think the boys were ready to get back into a routine (even though they would never admit that they missed school 😉 ).


Brendan worked on a Proverbs project, took a math quiz, completed his science assignment for tomorrow, practiced cursive, did his Old Testament questions, studied the Greek alphabet, and finished a few more assignments.



Ryan and I reviewed his scripture memory, did some copywork, read about King George III and George and Martha Washington, did math, worked on geography, journaled, played a math game, practiced cursive,  worked on a writing assignment, learned about nonvascular plants in science, and made johnnycakes (a popular food during Colonial times).



IMG_4822  ________________________________________________________

Ryan did a simple experiment with water and a paper towel to demonstrate how nonvascular plants get water:





We planted a few peanut plants and some herbs since we will be studying plants over the next few months.  I hope they grow – I don’t have much of a green thumb 🙂 !


IMG_4819IMG_4825IMG_4826    _____________________________________________________________

We are super excited to start our Christmas card praying again!  This is an idea that I heard from a friend a few years ago and we have loved it doing it!  Instead of throwing all of the beautiful Christmas cards that we received this year in a drawer, each week we will randomly draw two cards and pray for those families.  I am going to do my best to e-mail each family to see if they have any specific prayer requests during the time we are praying for them.

IMG_4834If any of you weren’t able to send Christmas cards this year but would still like to be involved, please leave your name in the comment section…we would love to add your family to our folder!



One thought on “A Fresh Start:

  1. Looks like y’all are off to a good start back into the school work! Brendan looks so studious sitting at his desk! And, Ryan’s johnnycakes look yummy!

    Hope the plants grow! 🙂 I don’t have a green thumb either!

    Love you all very much!

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