Birthdays, Bible Studies, and Blossoms:

It’s been a busy week!!!

Brendan turned 15 yesterday (I am WAY too young to have a child that old 😉 ).  We celebrated by opening presents, having a steak dinner (Brendan’s request), and eating an Oreo ice-cream cake (also Brendan’s request).

One of my sweet bible study friends will be turning the big 40 next week, so we had fun celebrating her special day a little early.  You’re probably wondering where the “blossoms” part of the title comes in…Ryan and I are learning lots of cool things about flowers and pollination and it went with my “B” theme – enough said 🙂 !

I’ve taken a lot of pictures over the past few days and am way too tired to write a caption for each one, so here’s a slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One thought on “Birthdays, Bible Studies, and Blossoms:

  1. Enjoyed celebrating Brendan’s 15th Birthday last night. It IS hard to believe my daughter is “old enough” to have a 15 year old! 🙂

    Thanks for the delicious dinner!

    Love you all!


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