I hope that everybody had a nice Valentine’s Day!


 Have you ever thought about all of the ways God loves us?

I mean, really ever stopped to think about how very much He really loves us?


One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is Psalm 103.  Here’s a quick summary of what it says:

Our Father forgives us, heals us, redeems us, crowns us with love and compassion, satisfies our desires with good things, and renews our strength. 

He is compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, and is abounding in love. 

God will not always accuse, he doesn’t harbor anger, doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve, nor does he repay us according to our sin.

But guess what?  That’s not it!

He loves us as high as the heavens are above the earth and he has forgiven our sins as far as the east is from the west!


Just STOP and think about that for a minute…absolutely amazing!!!

You can read the full chapter by clicking here.

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Ok, so sticking with the “theme” of the day, today’s giveaway question has to do with LOVE (of course) 🙂 .  Here’s a sneak pic of the fabulous prize…

…and here’s the question:

Leave a comment on today’s post telling me your name and although not every day is easy (or fun 🙂 ), tell me why one reason you love homeschooling!

21 thoughts on “TRUE LOVE!

  1. Hope Hamer- I love seeing the excitement on her face when she learns something for the first time and gets it!

  2. Laura Wilkerson and I love spending time with my son, the fact that I don’t have to have him separated from me and that I get to foster his natural love of learning leaves me awestruck. The fact that this seems like the most natural way to learn and everything I learn along side him. I cherish these years that I am so blessed to spend with him and nurture him. I would not trade it for anything ❤

  3. Steph – because I get to spend all day with my son!

  4. I love the family time! I love how close we all are since we’re not stuck to city school schedule. I love how we can ebb and flow with life!

  5. Having kids with special needs being home has reduced stress and given time to be present more often.

  6. I love being able to move at my son’s pace–quickly for some subjects and slower for others.

  7. Melissa Stephenson- I love watching my kids grow together. As the years have passed they have become more like friends than they were when the older two attended PS. They have time to be creative together, work together, help one another, pray for one another and others. They still squabble as most siblings do, but they are more loving toward one another in general. Plus I get to see it happen everyday. That’s my favorite reason.

  8. I love the discussions that we can have during our lessons and being able to see them really connect the ideas and relate them to daily life. Every time they remember and reference something else that we learned a while back I get so proud!!

  9. Shannon and I love flexibility of being on our own schedule and spending time together as a family

  10. I love having my babies home with me every day. Even on the crazy days like today when big brother and sister do not want to accept it is Monday and baby brother wants to climb and tear everything up… it’s worth every second of the love we get to share!

  11. I love homeschooling because seeing my children learn something new is priceless. I love the time I get with them, the bond they have with one another, and the joy of learning. Homeschooling is fluid, flexible, and so much fun.

  12. I love it because it gives my boys an educational experience they would never experience sitting at a desk in a traditional school room. My 5 year old loves the hands on learning and is always asking me if we can do more school which of course makes my heart sing!

  13. My name is Melissa and I love homeschooling because after working in the public school system for years, I know how broken it is. I love being able to give my children exactly what they need, special needs and all, at their pace, and still make learning fun. I love that they don’t have to feel bad about themselves because they don’t fit in the “box” to succeed in public school.

  14. I’m Paula and I love homeschooling my grandson because of the bond’s we are building and the freedom to stop in the middle of “school” and have a snowball fight on a rare day with snow on the ground.

  15. Tracy G – I love homeschooling them because I honestly love being with my kids and seeing them learn (and knowing what they’re learning)….time went by way too quickly with my oldest (14) and now I just want it to slow down. Homeschooling provides the opportunity to see those moments, not just hear about them.

  16. Heather V. and I love homeschooling because I love being there with my kids to watch them learn about the Lord and the world around them, I love being a part of their day! Thriftschooling at gmail dot com

  17. Although like you stated not every day is easy, I love homeschooling because of being connected with our family and spending time with them every day. Knowing what they are learning and being able to talk things through helps keep a relationship that just can’t be mimicked if they would attend school. Best of all, homeschooling forces me to rely more on God because on my own, teaching would be next to impossible.

  18. Emily O – I love the flexibility of teaching wide open and being able to seize teachable moments as they come. I also love watching my kids learn and grow!

  19. I love homeschooling because my girls seem more happy and get along great now that they do not deal with the daily stress of public school. They do their work great and seem to really love it. It has been a true blessing to our family

  20. Katie D.–I love how we can have conversations about God at any moment of the day.

  21. I really love my children and being with them . I love that they are missing things due to the way they move quickly in school and leave many children behind. Most importantly the subjects they include our amazing father in heaven.

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