A Fresh Start

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We just got our first big snow of the winter and it was so beautiful!

I love how the ground gets covered by a shimmering blanket of white.  Everything seems to sparkle and look so clean and fresh.  The colors of the birds seem more vibrant and the sky seems be a brighter shade of blue.

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And then, it happens.

The plows come through and drop dirt and salt all over the road.  The kids trample though the snow drifts and leave dirty footprints.  The sled goes down the hill over and over until the mud and grass show through.  The dogs go outside to do their business, and well…enough said 🙂 . It makes me wish for another quick layer of fresh powder to cover the dirt again.

Homeschooling can feel like this sometimes too.  We start off with so much excitement and enthusiasm.  The new pencils are freshly sharpened and the notebooks look pristine.  Our lesson plans are ready and several fun field trips are scheduled.  The kids may even be ready for a change of pace and a regular routine after the long days of summer.

And then, it happens.

The first pencil tip is broken in frustration over a difficult math lesson.


 The notebooks now have eraser marks and get tossed around until they are ragged.  Not everything on the lesson plan gets done and a sickness interrupts the scheduled field trip.  The kids are already counting down the days until next summer.

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As homeschool moms, our “dirt” may start to show too.  We get grumpy when things don’t go as we planned.  Our patience starts wearing thin.  We get tired and homeschooling seems like a long, unending road.  We long for a fresh start.

We need to “renew our joy”!!!

One of the best ways to get a fresh start is to attend a homeschool convention.  The HEAV Convention is one of my favorite weekends every year!  I always leave refreshed, full of excitement, encouraged, re-energized, and ready (with God’s help 🙂 ) to tackle another year of school.


2015 Virginia Homeschool Convention

Greater Richmond Convention Center

June 11-13, 2015


Do you need a time of renewal? 

Would you like to attend this year’s HEAV Convention for FREE?

Today is your last chance to enter my giveaway (deadline is 11:59 pm EST)!

To enter the random drawing,  comment on today’s post by leaving your name and telling me what brings you the greatest joy in your life 🙂 !


Tomorrow I will announce the BIG WINNER

15 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. Brianna Riley and my joy is found in my family. I find the biggest joy in when I see the God moments in them. When they reach out to others, when they inspire me, when they bring up what they read in the Bible, it just touches me and I am full of joy!

  2. Laura Wilkerson what brings me the greatest joy is being a mother, being a wife, and being a a child of God. Never did I or could I imagine life ever being this grand. It is tryly the simple things in life that will bring you the most joy 🙂

  3. Deanna Dunnavant-My joy is Jesus! I wouldn’t have all that I have if I didn’t have Jesus in my heart. My joy comes from knowing that because of Him, I will live eternally with Him!

  4. Love this one!!


  5. Heather Kovacs – My biggest joy is being a mother. I’m a single mom and my boys are my entire world. When they are happily playing together and are loving life, I know I’ve done my job as their mother.

  6. Steph – my greatest joy comes from God and my son!

  7. Hope Hamer- I find joy in serving Christ and others.

  8. Jesus brings me the greatest joy!

  9. Hearing my little ones talk about Jesus and belt out the tunes of Christian music in the van! And their prayers are so sweet they fill my heart with joy!

    Thank you 🙂

  10. Penny Trupe – My greatest joy comes from all of God’s blessings in my life! My wonderful husband, three beautiful children, and a supportive family to name just a few.

  11. My greatest joy is going home. We are military, and in a few weeks we will be civilians again. We have served our country, we have made countless friends, and worshiped with amazing like minded Christians. It is time for our travels to lead us back to Virginia, and be home. So many take for granted the meaning of “home.” For a traveling family, it is a precious term that brings us so much joy. We will finally be HOME!

  12. I’m Jen! My joy is knowing that God will bring me through anything, and that everything I go through is part of his design for my life! My loving husband and precious kiddos come in a close second! I loved your post! Thank you for the encouragement!

  13. Tammy…sometimes joy is in small things that I need to remember to be present to catch…giggles from my twins as they play monopoly, the way my oldest smiles and dances when he listens to Lecrae on his Ipod, or how the sun shining through the trees made a place for the dog to sleep in.

  14. What brings me the most joy is watching my 3 kids growing in the Lord. Seeing them accept Christ into their heart. Even moments when I learn from them when they remind me to help others as God would or when they say only God is perfect so it’s ok to make mistakes. I love being a mom and all the teachable moments we share together.

  15. Thank you for this post! Very timely, indeed. I have felt the need lately to remind myself to “not grow weary”. Living in New England, we have been whalloped with snow this year, and too many sub-zero temp days to enjoy the snow. With canon fever setting in, we have all seemed to lost some of our joy. Especially in our homeschool routine. I need to figure out some ways to bring back that joy of The Lord!

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