Believe It or Not…

we are still doing school!

I promise (I’ve just been a total slacker with posting on our blog)!  Things have been super busy, I’ve had a mild chest cold, I’ve had a meeting every night this week (including tonight)…OK, OK, I’ll stop making excuses 🙂 !


Brendan has now finished with Algebra 1 and is thrilled (ha, ha) to be starting with Geometry.  He is still working on his squirrel science experiment which has been very entertaining!  I can’t share many details now, but I promise to when he is finished.  I do have to brag a little bit – Brendan had to write another argumentative essay this week and I was BLOWN AWAY by how much his writing has improved over the past few years!  Praise the Lord!

Ryan and I have been busy learning about root systems, the first presidents, Napoleon Bonaparte, writing a research paper, character traits, the Louisiana Purchase, and more!

I’m going to do my best to write more next week…you know, when things slow down a little bit 😉 …

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