Believe It or Not…

we are still doing school!

I promise (I’ve just been a total slacker with posting on our blog)!  Things have been super busy, I’ve had a mild chest cold, I’ve had a meeting every night this week (including tonight)…OK, OK, I’ll stop making excuses 🙂 !


Brendan has now finished with Algebra 1 and is thrilled (ha, ha) to be starting with Geometry.  He is still working on his squirrel science experiment which has been very entertaining!  I can’t share many details now, but I promise to when he is finished.  I do have to brag a little bit – Brendan had to write another argumentative essay this week and I was BLOWN AWAY by how much his writing has improved over the past few years!  Praise the Lord!

Ryan and I have been busy learning about root systems, the first presidents, Napoleon Bonaparte, writing a research paper, character traits, the Louisiana Purchase, and more!

I’m going to do my best to write more next week…you know, when things slow down a little bit 😉 …

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One thought on “Believe It or Not…

  1. Yay, pictures! Glad to see you’re still doing school! HA! Not much longer for this year, huh?

    Oh boy! Brendan is moving on to Geometry! Fun, Fun!!

    I would love to read Brendan’s argumentative essay on our next visit! OK?

    Have a great rainy day!

    Love you all,

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