Searching for the Light:

Why does God allow bad things to happen?  Why do we struggle?  Why is life so hard?

I have asked these questions many times in my life.  I don’t know the answers.  But I want to share something that’s on my heart.

About two weeks ago, Ryan and I started a science experiment using two bean seeds and two different cups.  One cup was left open so that the light could directly hit the soil.  The other cup was covered with black paper and sealed with a top so that no light could reach inside.


I watered them both a few times and honestly forgot to check on them until yesterday and then I saw something that captivated my attention.


The bean seed that had all the light had only grown a little bit…


…while the seed that had been covered in darkness had grown A LOT! In fact the plant almost seemed to trying to push the top off of the cup so that it could be closer to the light.


I was truly amazed at the difference and it got me thinking.


Maybe the dark times in our lives are actually a blessing.  God never causes bad things in our life, but I believe that He can use them to teach us.  It is during the difficult times when we have nothing left and no where else to turn that we feel an overwhelming urge to search for the Light.

The bean seed with the light and water it needed was doing ok.  It had grown a little bit and had two small leaves emerging.  But in contrast, the plant that had been in the darkness was tall and strong…it experienced much more growth!

Looking back at my life, I can see similarities.

When things are “easy”, I tend to coast along learning and growing here and there.  But the darkest times of my life have led to a closer walk with the Lord and much more growth.  These are the times when I tend to really reach out to God.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have had ups and downs in my relationship with God and sometimes I have felt super close to Him even when things are going smoothly.  But the bad times are different.

The bad times remind me of how God is my everything.  He is my hope.

And while I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy difficulties or hardships, I will now see them for what they can be…a way to push me toward the Light!

3 thoughts on “Searching for the Light:

  1. Very good, Amy, we don’t enjoy the hard times, but we do learn from them. Thank you for bringing this to our minds. There is a reason for every season of our lives, because we serve a great God who loves us more than we can imagine and He wants us to grow.

  2. Amy,

    This is amazing! God has given you such wonderful insight! What a blessing to know that He has used those “dark” times to bring you closer to the “LIGHT.” He will do this for each of us, if we will turn to the “LIGHT” and trust in the SON!

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Love you,

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