Fellowship at the Farm:


A few weeks ago our Sunday School class had a lesson on the importance of fellowship with believers.  We learned about how it’s important to build each other up, share our lives (the good, bad, and the ugly), pray for one another, hold each other accountable, and so much more.  As a class, we talked about how we need to be more intentional about spending time together…

…so today we got together after church today for a cookout.  One of the families in our class own a farm and they invited us over for lunch and a time of fellowship. Over 60 people came and we had so much fun 🙂 !  Several of the sheep had just given birth so the kids (and adults) had fun loving on the newest members of the farm.  The food was delicious and Ed even treated the kids to a tractor ride!

Justin and I are so blessed by the friendships that we have formed over the years and for the new friends that we have made!  I love them all so much and I thank God for our sweet class and for Justin’s leadership.  It’s been amazing to see him grow in his faith over the years and I’m very proud of him!

Thanks for coming everybody and for being part of the Pioneer Class!  And thank you to the Cooper’s for inviting us to your home!

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One thought on “Fellowship at the Farm:

  1. What a wonderful group of Christian friends! And, looks like everyone was having great time! One of God’s greatest gifts here on earth is Christian friendship! You are blessed!

    Love you,

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