I have three things to share with you guys today:

#1 –

 Tuesday night my parents invited the boys and I to a sneak preview of a new movie that is coming out in August. The movie is called War Room (click on the link to watch the trailer) and is about the power of prayer. We laughed and cried and were all touched by the storyline.  It was FANTASTIC!!!

You have GOT TO see this movie when it comes out in August!



            Prayer is the one thing in my Christian walk that I struggle with the most.  I know, I know…as much as I like to talk you’d never guess – LOL!  War Room shared some great ideas about prayer including writing down your prayers.  I have tried prayer journaling on and off over the years, but unfortunately I never stick with it for very long.  But I did go back and look through one of my journals recently and it was so cool  to see how many prayers had been answered:




***I need to get back to journaling!


#2 –

Guess what???

Only 5 weeks until convention 🙂  !!!

Click on the picture below for more information:



One of my fellow HEAV bloggers is giving away a FREE family registration to the convention this week!  Click here to enter her giveaway 🙂 !


#3 –

Finally, for those of you who haven’t heard yet, our family was blessed to share our story in the 2015 Old Schoolhouse Magazine Spring 2015 issue!

You can read our article by clicking here.

I’m so excited that I got to share what God has done in our lives!

Image result for god has done great things for me

2 thoughts on “A MUST SEE Movie!

  1. Glad y’all went with us to see the movie! It was a great movie! And, glad you can promote it on your blog! Hope lots of folks will go and support Christian movies!

    Love you,

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so proud of you guys. This is a fantastic story. You all look so good!! GREAT JOB. Movie looks very good too.

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