Parents of the Year…NOT!!!

On Monday, Brendan and Ryan had field day with our homeschool group.  Brendan helped out with the younger kids and they had fun having relays, tug-of-war, and a water balloon toss.  Ryan has been complaining about knee pain on and off for a year or so.  It would flair up every now and then, but would subside after a few days.

Well, Monday when he got home from field day he told me that he hurt his knee again.  He was walking around on it and it didn’t seem to be bothering him to much so we didn’t think much of it.  When I got home from work yesterday he mentioned it was still pretty sore. I noticed that it was swollen and that he was having trouble bending his leg.  We decided to run him to the pediatrician to get it checked out “just in case.”


Being goofy at the pediatrician’s office!

The doctor immediately sent us over to orthopedics and sure enough, it was broken!

Apparently, Ryan has Osgood Schlatter Disease, which is very common in teen boys.  Basically he is growing so fast that it puts extra stress on the ligaments in his knee and when he “jumped” during field day and “heard a pop”, the weakened ligaments pulled a small bone fragment away from the top of his tibia.


And as if it wasn’t bad enough that we waited a whole day to take him seriously, about two hours before I took him to the doctor Justin had him cut the grass (and yes we have a push mower).  I told Ryan that he’ll have a great “sob story” to tell his kids one day – his parents made him work outside during the hottest part of the day with a broken knee 🙂 !


He was fitted for an immobilizing knee brace that he’ll have to wear for three weeks.  We are sooooo thankful that he didn’t need a cast and can take the brace off to sleep, shower, and swim when the pool opens in two weeks!

We go back to the doctor on June 9th for a follow-up and hopefully Ryan will be all healed and brace-free for the summer!



“Gimpy” 🙂

20150520_115846 The doctors were all so helpful and friendly.  The timing worked out perfectly and we were seen very quickly.

We are thankful that it wasn’t worse and that God provided such great care for Ryan!

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