Review: Who is God (and How Can I Really Know Him?)

As a blogger for HEAV, I was thrilled to recently have the opportunity to review Who is God and Can I Really
Know Him
  from Apologia Educational Ministries.  We have used and LOVED several books and resources by Apologia and I am so excited that they will be at the HEAV Convention again this year!

We were blessed to receive a beautiful hardback copy of the Who is God? textbook (252 pages) and a Student notebooking journal (261 Pages) in an exchange for our review.  The textbook retails for $39.00 and the notebooking journal retails for $27.00.  Both are recommended for children ages 6-14.


Ten lessons (chapters) in Who is God? cover the following topics:

Lesson 1: Where am I building my life?

Lesson 2: How can I know what’s true?

Lesson 3: What is God like (Part 1)?

Lesson 4: What is God like (Part 2)?

Lesson 5:  Who are God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit?

Lesson 6:  If God created the world, why isn’t it perfect?

Lesson 7: Why did God create me?

Lesson 8: Will God meet all my needs?

Lesson 9: Why does sin keep me from knowing God?

Lesson 10: Is Jesus the only way to God?



The notebooking journal is spiral bound with nice, thick pages and beautiful color pictures.  Notebook activities include putting together “mini books”, cursive practice, games, copywork, and more!







A sample lesson plan schedule, including 52 lessons is provided in the beginning of the notebook journal.  We worked on the lessons about three days a week for the purpose of our review, but the plan is completely flexible and can be adapted easily to any schedule.

Although, it is possible for an older student to complete the reading and lessons independently, personally I feel that it’s better to go through the lessons together so the parent can discuss the topics with their child and answer any questions that may arise.  We would read a portion of each lesson and then Ryan would complete a notebook assignment to help him retain what we had covered.  The notebooking journal is not essential, but it is a nice addition to the study.

There are some great hands-on activities included in the textbook.  For example, one activity is making brownies from scratch to reinforce the fact that God created the world and everything in it.  Just like brownies don’t make themselves, our world also has a creator!



Who is God? is an excellent resource for helping your children understand what (and why) we believe about God as Christians.  The book also does a wonderful job explaining different worldviews.  Even though the recommended age range is 6-14, I think that it’s most appropriate for upper elementary and middle school.  Some of the concepts are hard to understand (even for adults) so I would definitely recommend going through the book with your child.


I am very thankful for a company that knows the importance of teaching our children a Christian worldview!

Who is God? is actually the first book in the What We Believe series:

  1. Who Is God (And Can I Really Know Him?)
  2. Who Am I (And What Am I Doing Here?)
  3. Who Is My Neighbor (And Why Does He Need Me?)
  4. What On Earth Can I Do?

I was impressed enough by Who is God? that I will be buying Who Am I (And What Am I Doing Here?) so that we can continue the series!


If you are in need of a resource to help your children understand more about their Heavenly Father, then Who is God? may just be what you’re looking for!

But don’t just take my word for it, look at the awards the series has received:

Awards the What We Believe Series has won

Be sure to stop by Apologia’s booth in the vendor hall at the 2015 HEAV Convention and check it out for yourself!


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  1. What a handsome young man you have advertising the “Who Is God” book! 🙂

    Love you,

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