Ready, Set, Go…

…And they’re off!!!

Both kids will be in downtown Philadelphia on a mission trip this week.  Brendan (the high school group) left yesterday after lunch and Ryan (middle school group) left early this morning.  They will be helping with kids camps, working with the homeless, and serving wherever they are needed.




Please pray for our youth this week as they are stretched out of their comfort zones and used by God. Pray for the people in Philly who our kids will be working with…that their hearts will be touched and that they will know how very much they are loved.  Pray for the leaders…for energy, stamina, and patience 🙂 as they guide the students.  Thanks!


Justin and I will miss the boys so much, but we are also looking forward to a week to just focus on us 🙂 !


2 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go…

  1. Loved all the pictures! Been praying for my grandsons and their teams!

    Like that last picture of you two! Hope you have had a good week of focusing on each other! Love you both very much! Mom

  2. Very exciting! Praying that they have a great time, stay safe, and that lives are changed. Enjoy your time alone too!

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