Workbox Wednesday:

So, most of you know that I have used workboxes since we started homeschooling in 2011.  They have been a life saver in helping us to stay organized!  I only use them with Ryan now since Brendan follows his own lesson plan and checklist.

Basically, Ryan and I cover a few subjects together such as scripture memory, Bible, history, language arts, and read alouds.  He then starts his workbox assignments, which I fill every night with his independent work.  Those assignments include things like grammar worksheets, reading, vocabulary, handwriting, special projects, and any other additional work.  I do have to help with a few things such as math and science, but everything else is mostly independent.  As he completes each assignment, he removes the number, places it back on the wall, and puts his work in the completed box.

Ryan’s workboxes today:

IMG_8144IMG_8146IMG_8148IMG_8149IMG_8150IMG_8151 IMG_8152IMG_8153

Here a few more pics from our week so far:

I don’t have any pictures, but Brendan finished his first writing assignment and I am so proud! He had to write a script (since he’s reading Julius Caesar) and chose to do a play about the empty tomb.  Creative writing is NOT his thing and he was concerned about this assignment, but he did great!

He started classes at Arete yesterday and thinks that he’s really going to enjoy his Biology teacher.  He has the same Spanish teacher and she is wonderful too.  I’m very grateful that we have this resource in our area and that God always provides just what we need!


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