Where Did This Week Go?

How can it be Friday already?!?!? 

We did take Monday off for Labor Day (because I felt like being a “cool” homeschool mom 🙂 ), so I guess that’s why it’s flying by so quickly.

We’ve been working hard and are now finished with Week 3.  As usual, I don’t have any pictures of Brendan…what in the world am I going to blog about when both boys are in high school and I can’t take pictures anymore?

I guess I’ll have to do more writing (I better start coming up with some ideas)!


Ryan and I learned how the invention of the Enfield Rifle enabled soldiers to load and reload their ammunition more quickly.  We watched a short video and then he got to test and compare both methods.

Don’t worry, our gun barrel was a paper towel tube (very authentic, I know)!

We tried to imagine what it must have been like to try to reload your weapon over and over during a real battle 😦 .


Our homemade “cartridge” made with wax paper, an index card, flour (gun powder), and an aluminum foil boll (bullet).





Our latest science experiment (learning how two substances can cause a chemical reaction):



 I had a really cool God moment earlier in the week.  I recently read a book by Jen Wilkin, called Women of the Word which gives great tips on how to dig deeper into the Bible and really study Scripture. I have feeling the need to go deeper in my studies for a while, and this book came at the perfect time!  I started researching different study Bibles, and trying to decide which one to get when I discovered that they are not cheap!

I was leaning toward an ESV translation and/or the John MacArthur Study Bible, but couldn’t decide which one would be the best fit for me.  I mentioned it to Justin and he said,  “Wait!  I have a study Bible that I don’t use.  Why don’t you look at that one?”

  He pulled it off of the bookshelf and wouldn’t you know, it was a brand new copy of John MacArthur’s ESV Study Bible!!!

God is GOOD!!!



2 thoughts on “Where Did This Week Go?

  1. Yes, God is good! All the time.. That is really cool how He provided just at the right time. I Love your post it note response to Ryan’s vocab sheet 🙂 Have a Great Weekend.

  2. Love how Ryan has “hands on” projects! Great way to learn and I know he enjoys them.

    So glad to hear how the Lord provided just the right study Bible for you! He is ALWAYS FAITHFUL!

    Love you,

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