Brace Yourselves…

…Christmas Eve is ONE WEEK AWAY!

(Sorry – I just couldn’t help myself!)


We’ve had two days full of “braces“:

Last night at his youth Christmas party, Ryan had a little mishap with a scooter and a friend’s shoe.

So, here’s Brace Picture #1:




The orthopedist didn’t see an actual fracture because it’s difficult to see due to the growth plate.  Ryan has to wear the brace for 10 days and if it’s still sore, then we go back for another x-ray.  He seems to be fine today so I think it’s just bruised.


Now for Brace Picture # 2:




I took Brendan in for his (what I was thought was the last) orthodontist appointment on Monday and found out that he needs to have his wisdom teeth out in the next few months.  While we were there I decided to have Ryan checked too.  His teeth looked pretty straight for a while and we thought that we may just luck out, but that was not to be.

He needed braces too, so today was the day.

So after paying the copay for the orthopedist and a few thousand dollars for the orthodontist, we got even more news.


Brace yourself for #3 :

Ryan needs his wisdom teeth out too!

Do you think they’ll give us a buy one get one free deal 🙂 ???

Thankfully, Justin and I took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University  (HIGHLY recommend) at church a few months ago and have been paying off our debt, building our savings, and are in a much better place than we were.

Isn’t God’s timing great?

He knew that these expenses would be coming right around Christmas and that we needed to get our finances in order.

I just love how our Heavenly Father knows what we need before we do!

Feeling thankful…

2 thoughts on “Brace Yourselves…

  1. You are definitely one who sees her glass half full, rather than half empty! So happy everything has already been worked out for you by God, financially, too!

  2. Goodness! Brace on the arm, braces on the teeth…..poor fellow! 😦 But, glad to know Ryan is doing ok! Will pray his arm heals quickly!

    Guess Brendan and Ryan will have their wisdom teeth out in the first of the new year! Good thing y’all have been paying off debt! 🙂

    Love you,

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