A Lesson on Missions:


We have a sweet couple at our church who will be going to Lesotho (South Africa) in August to serve as long-term missionaries.  Our homeschool group had an amazing opportunity to research different topics about Lesotho and share an afternoon with Tyler and Rachel.  The kids gave reports on many topics like food, population, education, geography, sports/leisure, etc.  We also got to see lots of cool pictures and try some different foods.  One popular snack that Ryan and I learned about is biltong (similar to beef jerky).


When the kids were all finished, we got to spend some time chatting with Tyler and Rachel.  The kids (and parents) asked lots of great questions and it was very cool to learn more about their plans!  I really hope that this afternoon will help the kids to feel better connected to Tyler and Rachel so that we can continue to support them and pray for them over the next few years.  Please go to their blog to learn more about their upcoming mission: http://glorifyingsteps.com/.



I also wanted to share a few pictures from Brendan’s 16th birthday:

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