Time for a “Pick Me Up!”

Do you feel tired? Unmotivated? Weary? Worn down?

Me too!

By this time of the year, I am DONE.  Like “stick a fork in me, I’m done” kind of done.

I’m ready to just sit by the pool, spend time with friends, go to the beach, read books (just for fun), and enjoy summer.

I don’t want to think. Or worry. Or plan. Or do much of anything for that matter 🙂 !

Thank goodness for the HEAV convention!

I don’t know how I’d survive without the encouragement and rejuvenation that I get each year. 

And guess what? 

It’s only three days away!!! 

Every year, I am reminded of why we do what we do.  Of how blessed I am to spend the days learning with my kids.  That I have the time to focus on the boys’ passions and can use those to teach different subjects and skills.

  That I don’t have to know everything or how to teach each subject.  There are so many resources out there for homeschooling families!  I love that I can delegate high school classes like Biology and Spanish to teachers who are gifted in those areas.

But most of all, I am so thankful that HEAV reminds my of why  we do what we do.  That God has called our family to educate at home and that he will be with us every step of the way!

Every year I leave convention refreshed and ready to take on another year.  I get re-energized and excited about this amazing adventure of homeschooling.

I am reminded that with HIS help, we will make it through another year…but let’s not talk about that yet- at least not until August 🙂 !


A few notes (and exciting news) about convention:

Stop by the Character Concepts booth in the vendor hall to receive a FREE book, Home Educating with Confidence (a $13.95 value)!!!

The college fair will have representatives from over 30 colleges this year!