I Can’t Keep Up!!!

How does life go by so fast?

I said that I would write this post about our trip to Liberty University last week and it’s already Wednesday night…of the next week!

I also think the title is appropriate for telling you guys about our trip to Liberty for “College For a Weekend (#CFAW).”

Didn’t I just drop Brendan off for his first day of preschool?

How can we possibly be researching college choices already?


Anyway, we had an AMAZING time in Lynchburg! I had heard lots of people say how much they love LU and I knew that we’d be impressed, but I have to say that we were blown away!

The students and staff were all so friendly and helpful. The campus was gorgeous.  We felt welcome and like part of the “family.” We got to tour the school, go to classes, visit open houses, attend convocation, eat in the dining hall, and basically immerse ourselves into the university for a few days.

Justin and I kept saying over and over, “We want to go back to college!” 🙂

I was so excited to attend a gerontology class while the boys all went to a computer science class – yuck!  The professor asked for prayer requests and the class prayed for one of their classmates who had just lost her grandmother…I was floored!  It was just so different from any college class that I ever took.  I could tell how much the professor cared for his students and how much they respected their teacher. It was refreshing!

Brendan was impressed by the Computer Science program and enjoyed meeting some of the professors and current students. The facility is top notch! I just followed them around and had no idea what they were talking about – LOL!!!

Other highlights: Tim Hawkins was the guest speaker at convocation, I saw Karen Kingsbury hanging out in the bookstore (some of her kids attend LU), and we saw an Elevation Worship and Vertical Church Band in concert on Saturday night! It was sooo cool to go to convocation and worship with over 15,000 people – and they do that 3 times a week!


So now we wait and pray and visit more schools.  VA Tech is next on the list…they have a lot to live up to after #CFAW 🙂 !

This is an exciting time and I can’t wait to see what God has in store (although I’d be ok if time would slow down just a bit)!

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