Justin and I had the privilege of teaching a group of highschoolers a Dave Ramsey course called Foundations in Personal Finance over the past few months. We had taken the Financial Peace course at church last year and couldn’t believe how much we learned!  We both said that we wish we had learned how to be smart with our money years ago and  agreed that we should teach our kids how to handle their finances the right way from the start.

What better time than highschool when the kids are still debt free, getting their first jobs, opening bank accounts, and are becoming young adults?

I loved how they all opened up as we continued meeting and each one participated and shared what they were learning.


One of the best nights was when Justin held “mock” interviews 🙂 . We gave the kids a handout to study the week before and told them to be ready…they did amazing!

Haley (our only female student) even dressed for the part!!!  Brendan ran upstairs and grabbed a few jackets, but the boys definitely weren’t dressed to impress – LOL!


It was a good way to practice in a safe environment and get honest feedback from friends.

Not that I’m biased or anything, but I think any employer would be lucky to have one of our students working for them one day!


Now that the kids have a good foundation on how to be smart with their finances, it’s time to out into the world and put everything into practice!