What We’re Up To:

I promised last week that I’d share what we’ve been up to academically. There’s nothing really exciting to report or show…11th and 8th grade just aren’t as much fun as those younger grades are. Anyway, here you go ๐Ÿ™‚ :



-Working his way steadily through American History and Literature with My Father’s World (Bible elective, history, and language arts)

-Currently studying government using Under God and various other resources

-Taking Spanish 3 and Chemistry at Arete

-Took his first SAT back in January (and did pretty good!!!)

-Getting ready to take his first dual enrollment class (Psychology 101) with Liberty University’s Edge program




– Finishing our study of Japan this week using Exploring Countries and Cultures with My Father’s World (Russia is next)

-Only has two modules left before he is finished with General Science

-Writing his first research paper using Essentials in Writing

-Is almost finished with Pre-Algebra and getting ready to start Algebra with Teaching Textbooks

-Still taking private guitar lessons and playing in the worship band weekly at church


STAY TUNED for a BIG announcement over the next few days!!!

Hint, Hint:

HEAV 2017


Since it can be hard to get outside and get exercise during these cold winter months, we got together with some friends a few weeks ago to burn some steam off at the gym. ย The kids had a blast shooting hoops, playing on scooters, and competing in dodgeball.

Our “pro dodgeball” player (AKA our church’s Children and Recreation Associate) came down to help the moms PUMMEL the kids with balls ๐Ÿ™‚ ! SOOOO much FUN!!! It’s a yearly tradition and I’m so glad that he’s such a good sport…the kids LOVE when he plays with us!

Both kids are still plugging along with their schoolwork. It’s been a long time since I’ve shared what we’re actually studying, so I’ll try to post an update in the next few days with what we’re doing academically.


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HEAV 2017