Superhero Dads!

What would we do without our amazing dads and husbands???

Our homeschooling group wanted to honor the men who support our families and our homeschooling journeys, so we decided to host a special dinner night to demonstrate how much we love and appreciate them.  The theme was “super heroes” since they truly are heroes to us 🙂 !  The kids helped decorate, serve drinks and desserts, and clean up after the party.  The most special thing that they did though was they each wrote a personal letter to their dads. I loved watching the reactions and smiles as the fathers read their letters! So sweet!

It was such a wonderful night and I’m so glad that we got the chance to tell them all thank you for all that they do…we couldn’t homeschool without their love and support!


Ok, here’s your third and final chance to enter my giveaway for a FREE full family registration ($79 value) to the 2017 HEAV homeschool convention!

To enter, leave a comment on today’s blog post and tell me what your sweet spouse does to support you as you educate your kids at home….THEN GO AND THANK THEM PERSONALLY FOR ALL THAT THEY DO!!!

HEAV 2017

Winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 12th!

5 thoughts on “Superhero Dads!

  1. What a wonderful idea!

  2. My husband puts in a lot of hours working to support us financially and then puts in hours around our home too. We could not have the lifestyle we do without his support. He is my sounding board and can give me perspective on our homeschool endeavors. He often helps me see the big picture when I am focused on the small stuff. He also gives me time off to go to support group meetings or mom’s nights out. He lets me drag him to convention at least for one day. I am incredibly thankful for my husband!

  3. He lets me run with all of my crazy adventurous ideas and doesn’t try to stop me. He also works endlessly so that I can orchestrate said crazy ideas. So grateful for him. 😃

  4. He’s awesome! He fills in often and let’s me run some errands or just have some “mom-time” without kids for a bit. He can usually tell when I need it!

  5. My husband is the science nerd in the family so he does piles of interesting experiments with the kids! He’s also an artist and teaches the kids amazing skills such as pottery, woodworking and blacksmithing!
    Heather Vogler

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