3 Days and Counting!!!

That’s right people 🙂 !

The 2017 HEAV convention starts Thursday!  


The handy, dandy rolling cart is out of the attic!


My “convention binder” is almost ready to go…


…with possible sessions highlighted…


…and my volunteer assignment is all set!

I LOVE the convention theme this year:

Building a Strong Foundation

It’s one of the main reasons that we chose to teach our kids at home.  This world that we live in can be a dark and scary place (have you watched the news lately???).  We know that our kids will have to “live in the real world” (yes, we still hear that comment even though both of our boys take classes outside of the home, work in a fast food restaurant with the public, hang out with their friends, and are even allowed outside of our house…gasp – LOL 🙂 ).  We wanted Brendan and Ryan to have time to grow stronger in their faith and know who they were (and Whose they are) before we sent them out into the world.  We wanted them to have a “strong foundation.”

Do we feel like they are totally prepared for life? No way!

Are we completely ready to set them free as they enter adulthood? Nope!

Are we thankful for the extra time we’ve had with them and the chance to build them up in the Lord while they were at home and safe with us? You bet!!!

HEAV 2017

Get ready to be encouraged, strengthened, affirmed, and equipped for your next year of homeschooling!


Do you love to win prizes as much as I do?  Are you good at taking selfies? Well, look for this logo while you’re at convention:


 If you take 10 selfies and post them to social media, you win a prize AND will be entered to win an even bigger prize package!  

Get those smartphones ready and I’ll see you there 🙂 !