And the Countdown Begins…

It’s here. I can’t believe it.

Brendan started his last year of high school today.


Here’s our very first day of homeschool seven years ago:


img_1660 (1)

And here we are today:




Brendan is taking all dual enrollment courses through Liberty University this year.  This semester he is taking English 101, Math 115, Elements of Earth Science, and Survey of U.S. History.

Get ready, because this year’s blog is going to be very reflective and sappy as I graduate my firstborn 🙂 !

I don’t even have the words to share what I’m feeling today so we’ll go with Plan B.  I shared the following prayer with my homeschool group last week. I think that it may be a blessing to my readers too so I’ll just share this tonight:

Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank you for the incredible blessing of homeschooling our children!  We realize that not everybody has the freedom or means to keep their children at home and we are so grateful that you have chosen us for this task.

You are the Creator of all Things and we thank you for our amazing world, full of your glory that we get to study and share with our kids. Fill us with awe and wonder as we learn with our families. Help our children to see that everything in the past points to you. That history is actually HIStory…your story!

Father, we feel so unequipped for this task. Please give us wisdom, strength, and courage as we follow your will for our families.  We cannot do this without you! Help us not to compare ourselves with others, but to follow your plan for our individual, unique children. Each one is so special to you and we know that you love them even more than we do. Father, we acknowledge that you have special plans for each child and we pray that you help us guide them on the right path.

I lift up each and every mom and dad in our FAITH group.  Lord, you know the fear and uncertainty that the new homeschoolers are feeling. Please help them to remember that they are not alone. You are beside them every step of the way and our group is here to help them too. Help them to hold on to your promises as they set out on this adventure.  I also pray for the parents who have been at this for years. I know that the newness has worn off and they are tired. Give them a renewed energy and feeling of excitement for the task that is ahead. Father, give each of us the endurance that we need to finish this race well!

I pray for each of our children. First and foremost I pray that they will have a heart for you! I pray that each child will be rooted and established in love. That they may have the power to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know that this love surpasses all knowledge. Father, I pray that our kids will have a firm foundation and be built up in you, strengthened in the faith as they were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

Finally, Lord I lift up 2017-18 to you.  I am so thankful for FAITH and all that this group has meant to me over the years.  I love each and every one of our FAITH families and am grateful for the friendships that have been formed.  Please bless our year and use our group to further your kingdom. Help us to be a light to our community and to show your love to those around us.

Thank you for being the ultimate Teacher!

In Jesus’ Name I Pray,


One thought on “And the Countdown Begins…


    I will be praying for you and Justin as you “finish” this last year of homeschooling with Brendan! He’s off to a good start and is on his own already in his last year of highschool. And, you and Justin have prepared him well, by seeking the Lord’s guidance! I’m so proud of you all!

    I am looking forward to seeing how the Lord will lead Brendan, as he completes his senior year and prepares for college. These are exciting days! Enjoy every moment, Mom and Dad!

    Love you all so much!

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