Cherished Time Together


Brendan and I spent two days at Colonial Williamsburg on the 14th and 15th…yep, I took my 16 1/2 year old on a field trip 🙂 !

I knew that Brendan would be studying Colonial times this year and kept going back and forth in my mind…

Was it a bad idea to make him miss his “regular” schoolwork?  Would he even want to go?  What if we don’t go and I miss out on that special one-to-one time with my oldest?  Was it worth the extra cost?

 YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

It was soooooo worth it!


We laughed together, learned some cool things, went out to eat, spent time talking, did a little shopping at the outlets (Brendan was a good sport), and just enjoyed being together.

This is probably one of the last official “field trips” that I’ll take with my oldest son (*sniff, sniff). I knew that I’d regret not doing it, but that I’d never regret just going for it – and I’m so glad that I did!  And I ‘m thankful that Brendan humored his mom and went along for the ride!


Image result for they days are long but the years are short

Cherish each and every day that you have with your children!


Coming later this week: a post about our AMAZING time at Liberty University for “College For a Weekend” 🙂

Stepping Back in Time:

2015-09-17 08.38.20
We are blessed to live near many historical sites and last week Ryan and I spent two days at Colonial Williamsburg during their special homeschool days (GREAT discounts).  We took a class called “The Life of a Soldier” where we got to learn what it was like to fight during the Revolutionary War, toured lots of historical sites, and even enjoyed an authentic lunch (hamburgers, fries, and a Coke) at Shield’s Tavern….hey, don’t knock it…you can’t get much more American than that 🙂 !!!

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I tried to get Ryan to take a selfie with me during our tour of the Capital.  I couldn’t get so much as a grin out of him:

2015-09-16 13.46.42

2015-09-16 13.46.44

But he paid for being so serious 🙂 (hee,hee)…

Ryan looked so grumpy that our tour guide decided that he would be a good “criminal” to pull out of the crowd and brand with a “T” for being a thief!

2015-09-16 14.05.38

2015-09-16 14.06.07


2015-09-16 14.06.35

He was a good sport!


Selfie attempt – day two (just as successful unsuccessful as the first):

 2015-09-17 08.40.312015-09-17 08.40.33

2015-09-17 08.40.35


I knew there was NO WAY that Ryan would agree to the traditional Colonial Williamsburg stock picture, so I volunteered to do it myself!

2015-09-17 08.57.56

2015-09-17 08.58.41-2


Our absolute FAVORITE activity was called “Dig! Kids, Dirt & Discovery” where we got to participate in a hands-on excavation at an 18th century cellar.

It was SO COOL!

The site had originally been excavated in 1946 in order to study the foundation of the building.  For some reason, they decided not to rebuild and dumped the dirt back on top of the foundation.  We got to work alongside real archeologists digging, sorting, and classifying the different artifacts into categories to be sent to the lab for further study.  Some of the items our group found included brick, animal bones, window glass, a marble, nails, a button, a furniture tack, pottery, and more.

2015-09-17 09.51.00

Here’s a slideshow:

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Ryan was asking the archeologist about his job and was pretty enthusiastic about it until he found out that he’d have to have get a Master’s degree and possible a Ph.D.  (a few too many years of school for him 🙂 ).


Our last stop was the museum and while were walking through the exhibits, Ryan noticed a display showing the actual archeologist that we had worked with earlier that morning!

2015-09-17 09.38.392015-09-17 12.35.14

What a FUN trip! 

I love being able to spend one-on-one time with both of my boys!

  Brendan didn’t want to go to Williamsburg because he didn’t want to get behind on his schoolwork, but not wanting him to feel left out I decided to spend a little quality time with him too….at the library , working on his first research paper 🙂 :

2015-09-17 18.53.092015-09-17 19.06.572015-09-17 19.14.082015-09-17 19.14.182015-09-17 19.31.43
Believe it or not, we actually had a good time too –

learning can be fun!!!!