TWO in One Day!!!!!

Can you believe it?  

These truly were “Kodak moments”!

I got not one, but TWO smiles from Ryan 🙂 !!!


All kidding aside, we have been learning a lot about the U.S. Civil War.  Today we made hard tack, which was a common type of “bread” that the soldiers would eat.  We found out they were called “teeth dullers” for a good reason.  They didn’t taste bad (just bland), but I can’t imagine how hard they got when they were old and stale!

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12115508_377407462468375_8693542009392784113_n[1] We were privileged to take a field trip to the Hanover County Sherriff’s office last week to learn about how our officers protect and serve us.  We got to see how the office is run, learn about the intense training the officers have to go through, see some of the equipment required to help keep them safe, listen to a 911 call that happened close to home, meet staff members, and more!  It was very interesting and truly makes me appreciate the sacrifices that our officers make!


*** I just love this picture! ***

20151015_10431420151015_10433720151015_10480220151015_11093820151015_11414320151015_11543320151015_115847 Sometimes we forget that these officers are risking their lives to help others…that they have wives, husbands, children, parents, and other loved ones who are at home worrying about them.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all that you do!


The past few weeks have been super busy, but full of blessings..

Some days I feel like I can hardly keep up, but I cherish each and every day that I get to love on and serve my sweet family!