Always Enough

One of my favorite times during the day is sitting out on the screened porch after I get back from walking/jogging in our neighborhood.

It’s a great time because:¬† a) my workout is over ūüôā and ¬†b) I’m still for a few minutes….really still (because I’m exhausted and still trying to catch my breath, but that’s beside the point – LOL!).

¬† It’s so¬†peaceful out on my porch.

There’s¬†no phone,¬†no TV,¬†no internet,¬†no endless list of things to do.¬† Just me and God.¬† When I’m out there, ¬†I¬†actually sit¬†still long enough to listen to the sounds of nature and watch all of the activity in my backyard.

And, there’s¬†quite a bit¬†going on in our tiny little backyard!

Today I watched the tree branches moving in the breeze.  I heard the leaves rustling.   I saw about eight different species of birds, all coming and going, constantly moving, and rarely ever still.  I watched two squirrels run and chase each other.

I watched those creatures fluttering around, going back and forth constantly and they reminded me,

well…. of me.

I¬†am always thinking about what needs to get done. Multitasking. Taking care of my responsibilities.¬† I move from one task to the next often without slowing down.¬† I worry about how fast the time goes and how much more I need to get done.¬† I wonder if what I’ve done is enough.

And so, just like the animals in my backyard, I flutter around wearing myself out trying to do it all.


I can totally relate to Martha in the book of Luke as she runs around doing what she thinks is so important.¬† I love how Jesus says, “Martha, Martha.”

I can just picture him with a loving (yet exasperated expression) on his face.

And I can hear him whisper to me, “Amy, Amy.”

Slow down.”

Choose me first.”

I am all you really need.”

I will meet¬†all of your needs.” (and that includes my kids’ education)


I know that I’m not alone.

I know that you long to be still too.

That you long for peace.

For quiet.

For hope.


I can look back over the years and tell you without hesitation that God is enough.

He is always enough.

God has been faithful to meet out needs day in and day out.

I am so thankful that I can know without a doubt that He will continue to do so!


(Pictures from when we started homeschooling in 2011 – we’re still going strong, and that’s proof enough for me!):






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