Survival Tips!

Tips for “surviving” and thriving the HEAV Convention 🙂 :

  1. First, take the time to pray.  Pray about how God is directing your plans.  Pray for wisdom and guidance as you and your spouse make decisions about the upcoming year.  Pray for your children. Just pray!
  2. Wear comfortable shoes (tennis shoes and not sandals if your feet tend to get cold).  You will be doing a lot of walking!  Bring a sweater or jacket as many of the conference rooms are chilly.
  3. Take a few minutes to look over the map and schedule after you check in.  Circle or highlight the sessions that you don’t want to miss and plan other activities such as shopping, meals, etc. around those sessions.  Many times there are too many wonderful sessions and not enough time – you can purchase the sessions on MP3 at the convention for a discounted price (or go in with a friend and share the cost).  Remember, the vendor sessions (for example – Tapestry of Grace) and Keynote speakers are not recorded. Then you won’t feel rushed or stressed out because you are missing an amazing speaker!
  4. Bring a notebook and pen to take notes.  It’s helpful to carry a binder with notebook paper, folders, pens, highlighter, paperclips, Post-It notes, and rubber bands.  It’s also a good idea to print off your registration confirmation (just in case).
  5. Bring a durable, rolling cart to carry all of the wonderful goodies that you’ll be buying!
  6. Decide on a budget and stick to it!  Try not to make any purchases on the first day (unless you are 100% sure it’s something you need).  Take time to shop around at different vendors to find the best price, or even better – see if you can find the item you’re looking for at the Used Curriculum Sale! (Tip – You can search the UCS on the HEAV website before convention to see if what you’re looking for is available)
  7. Print off labels with your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.  Many vendors offer prizes or the chance to sign up for more information…instead of filling out all of those forms by hand, you can just stick a label on it and move on, saving yourself lots of time!
  8. Take inventory of what items you already have at home, what products/curriculum that you need, and a wish list a few weeks before the convention.  You can even take pictures of your bookshelves with your phone! If possible, research items online beforehand and write down prices so you have a basic idea of how much things cost.
  9. Drink lots of water and eat healthy meals and snacks high in protein to help keep your energy up.
  10. Carry an envelope and keep all of your receipts together in one place.
  11. If you see an item that you may be interested in, write down the item and the booth number so you don’t forget where you saw it (or take a pic with your cell phone)!
  12. Volunteer! HEAV is such a wonderful organization that helps so many families.  You will be blessed by helping out and giving back (plus you get a golden ticket to get into the Used Curriculum Sale early)!
  13. Enjoy your time at the convention!  Soak up lots of encouragement, make new friends, be inspired, gain wisdom, feel uplifted, get prepared for next year, and HAVE FUN 🙂 !!! 

    Here are some of my favorite memories from past conventions:

    img_7901 - Copy

    Soooo excited to meet Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis!!!

    img_7083 (1) - Copy

    The whole family came out to hear the Duggars!

    img_7117 - Copy

    img_7072 - Copy

    A photo op with Andrew Pudewa of Institute for Excellence in Writing!


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