Weekly Wrap-Up:

How can it be Friday already?!?   We’ve covered a lot of information this past week.  We have been busy writing about Charlemagne, practicing scripture, painting stained glass ornaments, learning about knights and castles, studying feudalism, and lots of other fun things.  We went to guitar, church, the orthodontist, and the boys even got to  have a pool noodle “joust”  with their buddies during PE (I’m so sad that I didn’t get any pictures).   Isn’t it great when God lines up specific activities to match up with the lesson plans 🙂 ?


Working hard on a key word outline!


Ryan has a real gift for writing!!!


Wow, Brendan…this is great!!!


Still learning about castles!


Brendan had fun making sentences using different verb tenses 🙂 !


Ryan has finished his last week of learning about human anatomy…now we’re moving on to astronomy!


More Latin roots!


I was excited to use the stained glass art kit that I found at the used curriculum sale last year at the HEAV convention!


Looking good so far!







The meals that we helped pack went to Cambodia and Haiti!


I got my “baby fix” for the week too – LOVED my snuggle time with Brook 🙂 !!!

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Is it Christmas Break Yet?

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Are we done yet??? I’m totally NOT feeling motivated to do school this week 🙂 ! Thankfully we are caught up and only had a few things to complete over the past few days. Tomorrow the boys each have a math quiz and will need to finish their writing.  Justin took the day off from work and we’re going to see Frozen.  Then we are DONE with school until 2014!!!

First Time Using Time4Learning:


The boys copying their memory work from Romans.


Using the prayer handout that we got at AWANA last night.


Good job Ryan!


Reading verses from Acts to help us map out Paul’s first missionary journey.


Where did Paul go next Brendan?


Wow, Paul covered 1400 miles on his first journey!


Getting ready to try Time4Learning.


Each student gets their own password.

We tried out the Language Arts portion of Time4Learning today to see what we think of the program.  It was simple to set up each boys’ grade level and assignments.  I sat with the kids as they worked through their first lessons on synonyms.  Both listened to the lessons and took a quiz which made sure that they had comprehended the meanings of the words presented.  The vocabulary seemed age appropriate and I liked the repetition used to help in retaining the information.  Both boys said that the graphics seemed a little childish and some parts were “too long”.  They just wanted to do the lesson and be finished.  However,  since Brendan and Ryan tend to rush through their work, I think it was a good lesson on being patient and staying focused.  I believe that Time4Learning uses the humor and cartoons in an effort to make learning fun and I have a feeling that this will decrease as they move up through each grade level.  I appreciate the fact that the company tries to make the lessons enjoyable.  We’re going to keep plugging away!


Some of the graphics in Time4Learning.


Checking to make sure that Ryan paid attention!


Ryan is doing great in Math 5!!!


Brendan writing definitions for his Progeny Press guide on the Bronze Bow.


Ryan’s newest independent reading book.


Ryan’s artwork portraying battles and gladiators in the colosseum.


Brendan learned some new vocabulary words during his synonym lesson on Time4Learning.


Great word!!!


Brendan’s latest writing assignment using Institute for Excellence in Writing. Good work!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do:

What an AWESOME first day!!!  The boys both had positive attitudes, worked hard, and were interested in learning about Ancient Rome.  We learned about how Roman Numerals came to be, notebooked about the founding of Rome and the legend of Romulus and Remus, learned our first Latin word (unus, which means one), located Rome on the map/globe, learned four vocabulary words from the IEW Medieval Times writing book that we’ll be using this year, learned what school was like for the early Romans, completed  a page from History Pockets, read some cool books during book basket time, had a typical “roman” lunch (which included fruit, nuts, bread, and cheese), and watched a few minutes of a video while we ate.

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Thank you Father for helping things to go smoothly on our first day!!!

2013-08-26 16.00.53

Justin brought home flowers (for me) and treats (for the boys) to celebrate our first day – SO SWEET!!!!!