WHAT? Two Weeks in a Row!

My goal is to post once a week this year….and I’ve met my goal twice so far – woot, woot!

  It’s so much fun to look back at old blog posts and see how much the boys have grown, the fun activities that we’ve done, and how far they’ve come since we started homeschooling five years ago!


This week Ryan and I have been reading some amazing allegories from a book called Kingdom Tales.  What’s an allegory you may ask 🙂 :

noun: allegory; plural noun: allegories
  1. a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Don’t worry if you needed to refresh your memory – I did too 🙂 !

I didn’t read Kingdom Tales with the boys back in 2011 because they were so young and it was a bit over their heads, but Ryan and I are really enjoying it so far. It’s been fun trying to find the hidden meanings.

We’ve also been studying the ins and outs of maps, ecosystems, and biomes.  We started Language Arts this week and will add General Science to Ryan’s load next week.  Then he’ll be up to full speed for the year!


Brendan started classes at Arete on Tuesday (Chemistry and Spanish 3) and had fun seeing all of his buddies.  So far, so good with MFW’s U.S. History to 1877! This week, he is learning about the early explorers and said that it was “actually pretty interesting”  – LOL!

For the next 12 weeks, I have the privilege of teaching Brendan a lesson every Friday from Thinking Like a Christian (helping students to develop and understand a Biblical worldview in response to the culture that we live in). We got to sit on the screened porch this morning since it was so beautiful outside.  I love fall!!!

Here are a few of our activities from last week:


Learning how our worldview impacts every part of our lives:


An activity demonstrating that the Bible is as current as today’s newspaper!  It relates to ALL areas of life.

I hope that you all enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

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A Mighty Fortress

What is the purpose of a fortress?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as: a place that is protected against attack; a fortified place; a stronghold.

  Fortresses are strong and sturdy.  They are built to protect against enemies.  They provide a sense of peace and comfort to those inside.  That is why the settlers at Jamestown build walls around their community.  We have a fortress available to us as well…

Did you know that God is known as a mighty Fortress?

Listen to this beautiful song by Christy Nockels: A Mighty Fortress.

What a wonderful reminder of where our strength and protection come from!  He is our Rock, Shelter, Protector, Refuge, Stronghold, Hiding place, our Shield.  Thank you Father for being our mighty Fortress!!!


So, we had a change of plans with our Jamestown trip.  Since it was supposed to be hot today with a chance of rain, we switched the date until next week (should be much cooler).  It actually will work out better, since it gives us a few more days to learn about the settlers.

Today we had fun building a model of the Jamestown fort, learning about the French explorers who settled in what is now Quebec, did a scripture memory activity, learned about mammals, did some mapping, and the usual subjects (reading, math, grammar, etc.).  Here are some pictures of Ryan’s work (sorry that some of the pics look yellow – we had a few camera difficulties 🙂 ):





A few pictures of Brendan’s work:


??????????????????????????????IMG_3346IMG_3348????????????????????The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;

my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge,

my shield and the horn of my salvation, my

stronghold.   Psalm 18:2

Ryan’s First Day

Our first day of Exploration to 1850 went pretty well (we had some frustration during math, but got everything worked out 🙂 ).  It’s hard to start back after summer break, even for me!  It also feels very strange to only be teaching one student, but I know that we will adjust. 

Ryan and I started our day with his new Bible study book, Boy Have I Got Problems.  He will be doing an in-depth study on the book of James.

IMG_3193          IMG_3194


We then learned about/reviewed the explorations of Leif Ericsson:




We also reviewed the continents and oceans by doing a quick mapping activity:




Followed by a little cursive review:



An introduction to science which will include zoology and botany:



And a math lesson:




We also had our “back to school” meeting tonight after dinner.  We reviewed our mission statement, rules, and expectations and Justin prayed for us and the upcoming year.  Then the boys opened a few goodies:






  You never know

when you might

need a little duct

tape 🙂 !

IMG_3192IMG_3184IMG_3185IMG_3186IMG_3187I am very thankful for the opportunity to homeschool another year and even though it’s not always going to be fun or easy, I know that this is God’s plan for our family and that He will be with us all the way!








Can you believe that it’s Wednesday already ?!?!? I can’t!

I also can’t believe that we have snow on the ground AGAIN 😦 ! I am soooooo ready for Spring!


We’ve been busy finishing up our grammar lapbooks, mapping, learning more Latin roots, reading through Philippians, studying the moon, working on projects, practicing taking notes, and writing.

We are also reviewing some really cool products – I LOVE being part of the 2014 Old Schoolhouse Review Crew! It has been a HUGE blessing to receive and try out different products that I normally wouldn’t have the chance to use! It has been fun branching out and learning about topics that I didn’t originally plan to cover. The boys will definitely have a more well-rounded education now! My next round of reviews will be out the first week in April.

Here’s a quick slideshow of what we’ve been up to this week:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Guess who we learned about today 🙂 ?  We read about the adventurous life of Marco Polo from The Story of the World and the boys copied a map of his travels.  Have you ever wondered where that crazy pool game actually came from?  Well, I was wondering too and here’s what I found at www.answers.ask.com :

“The game Marco Polo historically refers to the time when the explorer Marco Polo (then at the age of 17) was exploring the region of China with his father and uncle. They were traveling to China in order to see the Khan. Marco grew very exhausted during their travels and fell asleep on his horse one day. His horse sensed this and dropped back from the traveling caravan within the nation. When Marco woke up and did not see his family, he began to hear voices within the desert and thought that it was his family searching for him and calling his name ‘Marco’. Because of this, he began to respond to those cries with ‘Polo’. It turned out that Marco Polo was actually hallucinating and they were not calling him even though he was later found by his family.”

I’m not sure how accurate the answer is, but it makes sense to me 🙂 .  Anyway, here’s a quick slideshow of what we’ve been working on over the past few days:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Ryan set up one of his pictures (taken with his new camera) as wallpaper on his laptop and I think it looks great! Spring is on the way!!!!!

I also started a new Bible study with a group of friends, but it’s been a long day so I’ll save that post for tomorrow…