The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Justin and I often sing this song sarcastically as we fill the calendar with activities and fight the crowds while shopping 🙂 every December, but all joking aside, it really is a wonderful time of the year.

We had a great Christmas and hope that you did too.

I can’t wait to share 2017 together!






Home Educators Association of Virginia

Guess what? 

The 2017 HEAV convention is only SIX months away and…..   

Registration Opens for Members January 9!

Next year’s convention is June 8-10, 2017!

Three days.

The whole family.

It will change your life.


Why should you attend?

Watch this to find out:

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It is More Blessed to Give…

It’s so true…it IS more blessed to give than to receive.

We were so thankful for the opportunity to pack over 10,000 meals for Stop Hunger Now with our church’s homeschool group yesterday.  There is nothing better than serving others with family and friends! And I have to say that we all ROCKED the hair nets 🙂 !!!

We have one more week of school before we start Christmas break –

WOOT, WOOT  🙂  !!!

Brendan is finished with Driver’s Ed and will start Behind-the-Wheel after break.  He’s really enjoying taking classes (Spanish and Science) at Arete.  British Literature however is another story – LOL!  His job at Chick-fil-A is still going great!

Ryan and I have been reading a biography about Hudson Taylor,  continuing our studies of history, learning about simple machines in science, and lots of other fun stuff.


Now…if only it would cool off a little (today’s high was 76 degrees) so it will feel like Christmas…


FAITH Egg Hunt:

The weather yesterday was gorgeous for our FAITH Egg Hunt! I’m not sure that I’ve described our FAITH group on the blog before, so let me tell you a little bit about our group…

FAITH stands for Families Aligned In Teaching At Home and it’s a homeschool group that was created for members of our home church.  One of our main goals is to serve our church family and community.  We wanted to provide our children with opportunities to help others and learn to serve with a joyful heart. 

We just started the group last summer and it’s been amazing to see how God has blessed us!  We’ve had the chance to host a staff appreciation luncheon, pack meals for Stop Hunger Now, work with Operation Christmas Child, clean the preschool toys on a regular basis, help in the Memory Garden, make Valentine’s cards for our staff and residents at a local nursing home, and work with our local food pantry. 

We also have activities just for fun like yesterday’s egg hunt!  It’s so sweet to see the kids playing together and the relationships that they’ve built.  I love that even though the children’s age ranges are from two years old to 15 years old that they all care for and help each other.   I’m also very thankful for the friendships that I have with the other moms!  They are some of the sweetest, most caring, faithful women that I know. 

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One of the older girls took the kids inside and taught us about resurrection eggs while the other moms were outsiding hiding the goodies. I was so proud of Haley for stepping up and reminding our kids about the true meaning of Easter. After about 10 minutes, the “natives were restless” so we let them loose!  Ryan and his buddies had fun hunting for eggs and everybody ate lots of candy!  Brendan was at a friend’s house helping him work on a laptop and although it’s kind of sad that he’s getting too old to want to participate in some of these activities, I’m glad that he has good, Christian friends and that he got to spend the afternoon doing what he loves!

I Love Christian Easter


Weekly Wrap-Up:

How can it be Friday already?!?   We’ve covered a lot of information this past week.  We have been busy writing about Charlemagne, practicing scripture, painting stained glass ornaments, learning about knights and castles, studying feudalism, and lots of other fun things.  We went to guitar, church, the orthodontist, and the boys even got to  have a pool noodle “joust”  with their buddies during PE (I’m so sad that I didn’t get any pictures).   Isn’t it great when God lines up specific activities to match up with the lesson plans 🙂 ?


Working hard on a key word outline!


Ryan has a real gift for writing!!!


Wow, Brendan…this is great!!!


Still learning about castles!


Brendan had fun making sentences using different verb tenses 🙂 !


Ryan has finished his last week of learning about human anatomy…now we’re moving on to astronomy!


More Latin roots!


I was excited to use the stained glass art kit that I found at the used curriculum sale last year at the HEAV convention!


Looking good so far!







The meals that we helped pack went to Cambodia and Haiti!


I got my “baby fix” for the week too – LOVED my snuggle time with Brook 🙂 !!!

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Stop Hunger Now Event:

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Thank you to everyone who helped donate money or bought ornaments to help us pack meals for Stop Hunger Now!  Our homeschool group’s original goal was to raise $2,500 and we surpassed that by raising $3, 191!!!  We went to the warehouse Saturday morning and packed 12,000 meals 🙂 !

It was so much fun serving together with friends and family and singing along to Christmas music!  One of the moms made a “Happy Birthday Jesus” cake and we celebrated the true meaning of Christmas after we were finished working.  If you’d like to know more about Stop Hunger Now, please visit their website at .