S’no Break for Us!


🙂 – That is the life of a homeschooler.

We got 14 inches of snow last week and schools have been out since last Thursday!

I did let the boys have Friday off, but we’ve been back to the books since Monday and I have to say that both kids have had a pretty good attitude about it!

Ryan and I have finally reached World War 1 in our history lessons.



IMG_8861 IMG_8860




THIS is why I make both boys continue to practice cursive!  I want them to be able to read the many amazing historical documents that are available.



These are our two current read a louds.  Sergeant York and the Great War is a true story about a hero from World War 1 named Alvin York.


Tales of Persia is a wonderful about missionary journeys in the early 20th century.  Both books have been excellent so far (My Father’s World always chooses the perfect literature)!


Our presidential wall continues to grow:


And Ryan is getting close to finishing Math 7:



At least I managed to get one picture of Ryan at his desk before he tried to confiscate my camera 🙂 :



Brendan is doing great too and was lucky to have a few extra days to study for his Biology midterm.  He’s taking a networking class through Alpha Omega and says that he’s learned a lot.  Tomorrow is his 16th birthday (how can that even be possible???) so he gets the day off!